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Damn fine release smile


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Awesome album.. loved every song of it, perfect score smile


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Nothing beats IRC big_smile It is still a ruling platform smile

Great one smile

Wonderful track big_smile Great to listen to new music made by you, i really love your old tunes smile


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Holy hell, what for an amazing album, utterly beautiful, highlight of the year right now for sure for me big_smile


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That one is epic smile

Thanks big_smile Still quite a lot of artists left which are worth an upload big_smile

Hi people big_smile

Guess that one is worth to share, started in 2015 to collect the best of various artists from the demoscene/tracker music scene - sorted out only the more weak tracks and put it as complete 7z packs in that folder here. Every single song handpicked in speed listening sessions - way too much time has run down the waterfall already for this and more artist collections will come if my time allows it wink

Hope someone finds that useful smile Enjoy like i enjoyed all that nice tracks smile



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Pre-ordered of course and looking forward for it big_smile


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Lizardking... Totally rocks big_smile


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Very nice tracks smile

Something disturbing...

https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2015/04/v … d-archives

Industry targets old games/Abandonware... Send that guys your opinion about that...



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Good tracks, very good ones smile

That was really a good one big_smile


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Just awesome release, Very nice job big_smile