make an analog keyboard synth that has a built-in screen which displays a tracker interface. the tracker would work directly with the synth's sound chip. you could use the device as a stand-alone synth if you wanted, but also as a self-contained tracking station. the synth would have on-board knobs and switches for live manipulation of various parameters (timbre, volume control for each channel). you could playback a pre-written tracker file while improvising along with it on the keyboard : )

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y'know, the whole tone scale. that classic tutorial video tonality. right??

i'm really really famous now!

wow really offended they didn't even mention my name...

YES im grands yeux

why are there so many australians asking for cc!
; )


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only getting a chance to listen to this now alex and it is just so mauer-y and good ... i love everything you do. i can't wait to see the movie.

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Am I too late for this?

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I'd probably kill myself



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i recommend sending a message to kastumbhong through this forum! no nonsense, high quality mods and a great guy.

i like a guy who knows his bytes


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heart skipped a beat when i got the notification emal from bandcamp! sooo happy this is out


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srry im mean, mostly im just jealous bc this sounds like a really cool project which i dont have the means to try, hehe.  be sure and post pics guys if any of you do it   :3

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I didn't think I'd have a track for this but actually, Sony by Aviel might be my pick. I love the slow build with the quiet sines, then vocals, then drums, then glitchy pad, then deep bass finally rounding out everything. It's so smooth.

well then (⌒-⌒; ) so nice


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im trying to do this but i can't fit the vhs into my gamecube?

i anticipate this thread will get quite large