I’ve been on the fence for a long time about building my own, might just have to pull the trigger and give it a go.
I don’t have much experience soldering but I have a lot of friends who do.
I used to solely buy all my gameboys from Kitsch-bent many years ago but it seem like they mostly just sell parts now.

Hey guys, been out of the loop for a while.
All the old online stores I would buy modded DMGs no longer sell them and was wondering where people are getting theirs now.
Looking for prosound mods, backlit and with a fresh RCA/Headphone out.
Or just any good shops for chiptune related things.
Happy to be getting back into the scene.
Also best carts out there right now. Ive been using a Drag N Derp for many years and want something similar.


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Would also like some info on this as well.

Im pretty "pure" when it comes to making any music on game systems / old computers, I get a weird sense of satisfaction knowing I made music using original hardware. Never emulated LSDJ on my computer because I swear I could hear a difference even though Im sure it was all in my head.
I do like playing synths but at this point its much more natural for me to use trackers and sequencers. Mssiah just looked nice because of how its displayed but I can fully understand the advantages of using one of the other trackers you've listed.
Im also not very experienced with soldering, not opposed to learning how but defiantly would rather pay someone to make sure its done correctly, any good sites y'all can recommend that have stereo modded c64s?
Also I know in the case of gameboys different ones are better for certain sounds, is the main difference with commodores the sound chips? Or do some output cleaner sound or more bass etc etc

So just did some quick research and the Messiah cart defiantly looks like something I would love and is similar to what I am used to.
Whats the biggest differences between Messiahs software VS Sid Wizard?
Also is there no easy way to record directly from a C64? Or is it that you can only achieve the best sound quality by taking the raw file and transferring it over to your computer.


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Released my newest EP not long ago. Lots of new things I tried out this time around and perfected some old tricks Ive used in the past.
Also recently set up a band camp page so now all of my music is for download/sale
https://enderscrusade.bandcamp.com/albu … new-tricks

If you just want to take a listen heres a link to my soundcloud.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for listening

Been making music on LSDJ for 4 years now. Ive released many EPs and albums and Im starting to feel like Ive hit a wall with sound design and creativity and want a fresh start. Ive always loved the sounds that C64 makes but Ive never done much research into making music on one.
Basically I just need some pointers.
1. Whats software I can use on a C64 and not emulate on my computer?
2. Which software would be closest to LSDJ, or which is the most widely used software.
3. Are there carts or floppies?
4. What hardware would you suggest to seek out to buy.
I would greatly appreciate any help!


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I just released my newest little album. Just throwing some old stuff out there in preparation for my newest EP.
Hope you enjoy big_smile
https://soundcloud.com/enders-crusade/s … hakespeare


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My Dmg pooped out on me and my screen came up with this

Dont Panic!
Rom: C              V4. 6. 9
4050                    STK: DFC5
c000          PLY: 0
0000          CVW: D
9700        SYN: 0
3952        AST

If Anyone has any idea how to fix this please help me out

I'm releasing my 3rd and final ep tonight before I release my album please check the music section and give it a listen, be prepared to listen to that future dance music for gameboys and get ready to dance your buns off!
And please leave comments I love to hear feedback!


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I'm releasing my 3rd and final ep tonight before I release my album please check the music section and give it a listen, be prepared to dance your buns off!


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http://chipmusic.org/enders+crusade/mus … t-be-taken
http://chipmusic.org/enders+crusade/mus … alls-to-me


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New Enders Crusade ep -
Just put up a new ep today I would love feed back and for this to get shared around with you and your friends
Ender heart ~


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Hey this is Enders Crusade just asking all of you to check out my new ep Fight For Baia, I would really like some feed back on it but keep in mind its only my second ep..
heart Ender ~


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Has anyone come up with an instrument in LSDJ that is similar to a bell sound or toy piano ?

I released my first ep yesterday entitled Distant Worlds Familiar Feelings on this website, it's still in the first page of new music released but I would love everyone to check it out and tell me what yall think about it and share it if you like it.
Enders Crusade ~