Thank you for the quick and cooperative response guys.

This means I am now in pursuit of a A1200. Does anyone have a spare  for sale perhaps?
You could take my a500 along with the extra amount of cash that the A1200 is worth, just an idea.

CMDR wrote:

If you can get a bootable version of it I can transfer it to floppy for you, along with workbench (will need your rom version) and anything else you want (octamed, protracker, blah blah).
All I require is postage costs covered and you can have the disks for free smile

I love you.
How do I find out what version my ROM is? Some of my game disks show the amigaDOS before it starts, can I find out there?
Send me a mail at my given adress above! smile

Hi there! Let's just state that I'm no Amiga wiz, actually not a wiz at all when it comes to vintage computers. I own a Amiga 500 machine with no upgraded memory and I want to run AHX tracker on it. Possible?

If so, in combination of me being lazy and actual lack of people selling amiga stuff here in sweden.
I'd like to request someone to create a disk for me, of which I will pay for of course.

I have no OS disk either... workbench it's called? Or kickstart whatever.
I would appreciate it aswell.

Edit: After reading up a bit I found out that AHX only runs on amiga machines with harddrives, of which the A500 does not have. But according to this: … amp;id=146 it is possible to do.

My email: [email protected]

Thanks in advance.


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akira^8GB wrote:

Yeah SDI can be a bitch and there's no tutorial online.
As recommended, get the Goattracker tutorial to learn the basics of C64 sound synthesis possibilities, then move onto SDI.

I've got the synthesis and sid relatively down, have been doing it for months tongue It's just the navigation and workflow I don't quite grasp..


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CMDR wrote:

Follow the goattracker tutorials and learn to use that, then SDI is piss, seriously.

I know goattracker and in my opinion running sdi on a c64 tends to sound better - more analog sounding.

But in user-friendly-ness I agree with you.


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Hey. Anyone know of or have a little more comprehensive guide on using SDI - Sid duzz it? The manual just didn't do it for me..
Just basic ( getting-started ) stuff as of how to navigate and creating instruments would be nice.


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I want my drum samples that sound crisp, clear and loud sound more like the ones you could hear on NES.
I'm using renoise tracker by the way.

Any suggestions?


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I just saw the WIP thread, remove this one.


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You can never get quite the sound of a real gameboy on an emulator, I guess that's why some of your instruments doesn't sound like those on lsdj patch book.

The song is totally okay, lacks a little warmth and complex instrumentwork but that all comes later. Continue!