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I believe midi sync would be capable whether or not the OS comes into play if it's available via software, i think the only issues you may face would be latency.
not super experienced with LGPT and linux, but i put Peppermint OS on my netbook and have been itching to experiment. will let you know if midi is capable going in via usb.


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I edited the listing earlier and i guess it hadn't gone through, thanks, bud!


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I prefer only to ship in the US.
Nanoloop - $30 / free shipping
Pokemon yellow $15 / free shipping
Payment will be via paypal and shipped next day.


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if you have smash bros i'm down for a trade.
i have a working vita and a broken vita as well, thanks though, pianogameboy.
I'm more looking for games.


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the cart is a year old, barely-been-used lsdj cart from kitsch-bent.
the gameboy pocket is black on the front, green on the back, with a black battery cover.
the console is in great condition.
I'm in the market for some PS Vita stuff/3DS (XL) stuff.
if not, hey, figure out how to give me $50 and it's yours, i'll even pay for shipping.

I have posted a song: "Staring Into the Night"
And I was seeking to receive some of you guys's thoughts on it.
I only make chiptunes occasionally, so I tried to have a good progression in the song but hold the same feeling throughout, just little variations.

What do you guys think needs to be fixed for this song to be better?


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I can take some. PM me. it's easier for me to pm pictures.


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I have Nanoloop One (1.6)
And a Gameboy DMG Clearboy.
I'm wanting a modded (backlit) DMG and am willing to ship today or tomorrow for whom is interested.


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defiantsystems wrote:

$500!? That's outrageous.

I know, it's the most ridiculously priced to be the only clone that actually allows everdrives/powerpaks.
I was googling NES replacement housing and that came up, I just figured I'd share.


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    NES, Famicom, Famicom Disk System (via expansion port)
    Region Free
    Worldwide Compatibility (PSU: 50-60hz, 100-240 volts)


    HDMI 1080p/720p (requires HDMI Adapter)
    RGB, Component and S-Video


    Mono & Stereophonic Sound Effect (adjustable)
    Famicom Audio Support


    Analogue Nt
    AC Adapter
    AV Cable (composite & s-video)

special features

    Original NES Ports
    4 Player Compatibility (switchable between each region)
    Famicom Expansion Port
    Everdrive & Powerpak Compatibility
    Adjustable Color Palette (Classic, Modern & Arcade)
    Increased Power Delivery for 3rd Party Devices … nformation

Has anyone else ever seen this thing?


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Nanoloop One.
haha the one that survived the gulf war?
and yeah, the fire sucked but it's not that big of a deal.


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so, a year ago, may 16th my house burnt down.
yeah, yeah, who cares.
moral of the story is, when the local fire dept. put out the fire,
everything electronic I had was ruined if it wasn't just ashes or melted plastic,
but, today i flicked on my GBC with the nanoloop cart that I'd found in some stuff salvaged from the remains of my house,
though, I couldn't get it to work before, it works again.
i guess Mister Wittchow's design also has embedded durability wink