idk if you still need one, but ill part with mine for £30 + postage if youre game


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herr_prof wrote:

I disagree, if you go down this path youll never win the respect of your peers <stares down an empty hallway>

it doesnt matter what you do?


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e.s.c. wrote:

Listing a price is in the rules for the forum. Please google/check completed ebay listings and add an asking price to your post

shit sorry about that, I'd completely forgotten. amended first post

Once again in a position where I have more gear than I need, and not enough money - Gallery
Asking for £110+ shipping but feel free to drop me a PM and negotiate a price


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>subjectively nicer synth sounds
>you can play it on your chosen console/hardware theoretically

>less channels - you have to be more creative
>less dynamic range

>no traditional automation - you have to do it way more by hand/ear than just linking a curve to a track, you incrementally add in the numbers for release/volume decrease etc, although I personally really like the depth of control
>interface is somewhat really different - trackers dont look like daws, you get strips of channels going down which you place individual notes and their commands (automation) in


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e.s.c. wrote:

i believe you could get ubuntu running on that machine (maybe do it as a dual-boot in case you want to use old mac software too), which might let you use the linux version of piggy tracker on it

thats a shout, its not my mac, but the owner is looking for new uses for it so this might go down well, thanks

breakphase wrote:

Yeah your wheelhouse on that thing is going to be old PPC Mac  audio software. Of which there are myriad. I'm sure there's still stuff around on torrent sites and shit. I only advocate that for legacy software.

currently got some things to test along these lines, a couple trackers on woolyss seemed like they'd work, or at least worth a shot.

The things thats kinda stumping me is that on the piggy homepage it even says;

piggy wrote:

It is currently running on Game Park's GP2x & Caanoo, PSP, Dingoo, Windows, Mac OSX (intel/ppc) & Linux (Debian).

posted September 27, 2014 1:10 am

Alpine wrote:

pretty sure that about a year and a half ago, I posted about how there was no chip scene where I lived, and me and forabrokenearth discussed how shit leicester is.

nothings changed.

nothings changed

SketchMan3 wrote:

Learn music composition



also filters


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Rah, well thats somewhat disappointing, its one of the semicircle macs with the protruding screen face thing so i dont think it can run any versions of OSX higher than the one its already on;

specs wrote:

Hardware Overview:

  Machine Model:    iMac
  CPU Type:    PowerPC G4  (2.1)
  Number Of CPUs:    1
  CPU Speed:    800 MHz
  L2 Cache (per CPU):    256 KB
  Memory:    512 MB
  Bus Speed:    100 MHz
  Boot ROM Version:    4.45f3
  Serial Number:    QT2336ERN0S

If i cant use it to do piggy compositions, are there any other trackers that would run on such minimal specs? id preferably not have to emulate anything, writing for any console/system/whatever is cool, id just like to do something


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Ran both the versions of lgpt in the rarchive on my mac but neither of them worked, they opened and closed instantly. Its a p old mac, running OSX 10.3.smth I think snow leopard? The mac install is basically clean so maybe there are libraries in missing, I tried looking through some support threads and searching but couldn't find anything. Any help would be much appreciated, trynna work on my old psp/canoo stuff but both of them are very inactive

decent, galaxy wolf x abo-chan when?

desperate bump

theres a lot of old module stuff thats really melancholy, when i get home ill be able to give more comprehensive recommendations, but dsck is good, not exactly "dark" id say, but certainly melancholy

theres a few tracks on my album that are melancholy-ish … sages-demo

there hasnt been a post reminding nitro of the demand for this in almost two weeks

If you havent heard Comptroller's amazing album then you really need to, I didnt end up finding out about it until wayyyy after it had sold out. if anyone has a copy that they're wiling to part with, then hmu with a quote. There are only 15, so i know is v optimistic of me, but i thought itd be worth asking