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i'm not really in the chipmusic scene anymore but i never got a chance to show a setup. everything is mostly done in ableton and i still use the amiga from time to time as a sampler and a damn fine bitcrusher haha.


after a few hours i got it to work. hopefully this might be able to help you and/or any others with similar problems.

so first things first, i was told to open the CF0 file in Devs:DOSdrivers and edit something on there called dostype. you can edit it by typing this in shell. (for some reason the previous owner decided to put a space between DOS and drivers on the folder name so it would not open the file. make sure there isn't one!) ED Devs:DOSdrivers/CF0

next you scroll down to the bottom and change the dostype to dostype 0x46415401 if it's already that then don't worry about it.

if you right click the file CF0 and go to INFO on the toolbar you are going to want to change some of the "Tool Types", you can do so by pressing "New" near the bottom of the window. add in the two commands separately (ACTIVATE=1, MOUNT=1).

after all of that you might just be able to execute the CF0 command by clicking on the icon and it might just show up for you. if it still doesn't it might be how the card was formatted. i use a mac so we have weird options under the formatting utility like "Scheme". you are gonna make sure to format it as Fat32 (or in my case MS-DOS FAT) and set the scheme to Master Boot Record. that last part is pretty important because computers before windows xp cannot read schemes like GUID.

i really hope this can be of some use to you atomsmasha or anyone else scouring the internet for solutions. it has taken me almost a year to solve this issue and i can't wait to actually get some work done on this beast.



i am currently getting help from an amiga user on the english amiga forums, but as of now it still isn't working.

i have read a lot of support posts on Amiga.org and such and they have all been saying the same things. "CF0 and compactflash.device need to be in DEVS/DOS drivers", "fat95 needs to be in L".
i have all of these things in the correct places because i bought the amiga with them on it and the guy told me he used Compact Flash and told me to get one myself. on top of that i've seen people use the same CF/PCMCIA combo that i am using. Sandisk Ultra II 2GB and a Canon PCMCIA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Domu wrote:

use the rtrg command
rtrg 0102 for example will strecth the sample fifty percent

Never thought to use rtrg. Thanks mate!


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I've read that it is possible with the PLOF command but I just can't get it to work.

Thanks in advance.

edit: I was able to make it time stretch backwards but not forwards.


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he didn't push the cart down.


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Hey sorry to revive this thread but I didn't want to make a new post so I'm just gonna ask my question here.

Okay, so I transferred one of my mod files over from OctaMED to Protracker to try it out and it loads and plays fine but, If I try to load any samples though I get a message like "IFF ERROR: NOT AN 85VX FILE". I've tried things like sample and then try to reload it and still the same problem. I there something I'm doing wrong?


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Wholesome Family Music wrote:


(*gets banned from CM.O for reviving this)

*eye twitching*


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Yeah I've had the same problems. The ghetto build always works for me.


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ill give it a whirl.