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I think it's something I'd like to try myself. I'm talking like a release of 200 or 300. Thanks for the suggestion though. I'll bookmark those pages for future reference.
Could a fried motor still play/record well like mine? Or is it a separate mechanism that fast forwards/rewinds?


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I found a Marantz SD800 for ten bucks at a thrift store, and it's in great condition. It plays well (best quality I've heard out of cassettes, too), and it records surprisingly well. It took me a while to figure out how to record, even though all you do is hold both the play button and the record button. Anyways, I can't figure out how to use the fast forward and rewind buttons. Nothing happens when I hold the buttons. It makes the same sound as playing at first but then nothing moves or anything. Do I need to repair anything? Sorry this is so long. My band is thinking of doing a limited cassette run for our debut release. Thanks in advance!

tl;dr How do I fast forward/rewind on a Marantz SD800 deck? Thanks!

That's trippy. I want to see a circuit-bent Omnichord played with a theremin and a DMG. I'll get to it eventually if no one else does, ahaha

ovenrake, that's so rad!
I'll scour for an example of a bent one. I'm super curious

Maaaaan, I gotta pick up an Omnichord.

Has anyone tried using an Omnichord in their mixes? Circuit-bent or otherwise? This is just for curiosity's sake, I feel. Thanks in advance!


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I'll give it a listen!

Right on! Thanks!


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Ah, OK. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
I also can't really tell a big difference between the Green one and the Blue one.


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I totally committed suicide just now after hearing the beta one.
For real though, that wailing in the beginning is pretty weird in a bad trip kinda way.

I'm the only one in my band that doesn't play didjeridu hmm


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I know what they do more than I know what they are, thanks. But I always thought they were purposely crafted.


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Hmm. Listening to it now it's kind of a headache. Was the binaural beat created on purpose? Because I've yet to hear of it happening on accident, aha


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Just wondering, if the frequencies (that only children can supposedly hear), for the Lavender Town theme in Pokemon Red and Green produced a binaural beat? There is of course the slightly unsettling fiction of it causing Japanese children to commit suicide, as well as stories of epileptic children having seizures to the theme. Any truth to the second thing? Or is the track just eerie and uncomfortable?


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Legacy wrote:

If there's a Chiptune community in Garland Texas then someone should tell me about it, because I sure as hell don't know about it. Damn countryside..

I tend to drive to Austin for shows when I hear about them. I live near Houston as of now though

herr_prof wrote:

Lol.. what happened to this thread?

Ahaha, uh, I'm not exactly sure.