BLEO wrote:

I have the model down from this: … -bluetooth

And I love it. It's not noisy at all, pretty easy to use and you can very easily line up up to 6 FX, each of which you can switch between and tweak on the fly.

is it this one, because its presets seem to be made for synthesizer. … or-synths/

i've got a number of effects pedals. i am using them as a chain in producing game boy that has sound design that i hear on a game boy produced on daw but i have no experience with the default effects of any daw. which are better eq, compressor, and reverb to get for the chain? i wrote and produced game boy on daw but the game boy was produced with techniques i can't get explained to me better so i can get effect pedals for a chain that would sound like it. i have three game boy productions for you to hear, centurywaste is one. evertontransfer and eremiticwaterfall are others. my production is in daw with a bandmate with no hardware experience so explaining this is not going to get clearer. i just want to understand the better eq, compressor, and reverb for this sound in effect pedals.


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@yoyz2k: I didn't have time to check it. I'm selling my GCW ZEROS soon.


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I'm going to be waiting for you to take orders and I will order more than one.


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CountSymphoniC can I message you about the way I want my name displayed in the options menu?

@ilkke: Awesome UI! That's reassuring that you would be on board.


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@yoyz2k: I collected GCW ZERO at the beginning (pre-Kickstarter). I still own working ones. I can help and I will do whatever you say if you are making a Game Boy style sequencer for GCW ZERO. I can live with PSP-style features.

@wedanced: Maybe some people will restart the development? I want it too.


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What is necessary on the development before a GCW ZERO version is up (as I understand it DINGOO is similar)? I look forward to getting running on this.


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I am happy you are back on the development. Cool name!


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CountSymphoniC wrote:

I'm in the middle of pushing for a public demo release. So maybe you will get to try it out soon.

I'm really looking forward to this! I have Sega Genesis Model 1 and Sega Genesis Nomad to play it out on!


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Thanks for the re-release of the ROM! I love the cartridge release and it's sure been making me listen over and over repeatedly!


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Oh wow! I am a fan of Nanoloop ever since I got into chipmusic; I use Nanoloop 1.2 primarily and then some of the other versions. I have DS lite, 3DS, and GCW Zero, all currently not running any Nanoloop clones. I am curious to see a DS / 3DS port of Picoloop! I would be chuffed to see a GCW Zero port of Picoloop! Please!


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CountSymphoniC, it's Esopus or Fumu from the SpritesMind forum. I can't even express how much a Genesis native tracker means to me or my gratitude for your developing one. I am playing with the rom you made available for download and have the ability to play it on an Everdrive and Genesis. Thank you!!!!

I want to use a E-Z Flash IV cart that I can use on Game Boy Advance and DS with a GBA Tracker: seeking programmers to re-release Furious Advance Tracker. Do any programmers want to give it a try?


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I would love to compose on a Game Gear.