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yeah, at Hafenklang!!
my favorite location... so i will be there saturday AND sunday, saturday is my favorite Drum N Bass party in Hamburg (which my older brother organises, btw wink)
thanks for this info!


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Thank you very much!
Yeah, I guess Chiptune will never be as big as other electronic music here, but therefore it's even more important to organise us...
maybe some cheesy fb-group will not change anything, but it will not harm anyone wink


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I think he's from sweden... love his music though smile


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irrlichtproject wrote:
AlexKidd wrote:

because it seems there is as good as no chiptune scene in Germany

LOL I'd say you aren't looking hard enough.

maybe... while I only found one regular chiptune party, and haven't heard of this in a while (no party 2013), no partys or gigs at all in hamburg, where I live, and absolutely no community for german chiptune music on google...  even though there seem to be a few artists, as gwEm pointed out (thank you for this, btw!), that's not what I call a scene at all wink
If you look at any other alternative scene here in hamburg, you can go on partys at least 2 times a month... but maybe this will change in the future smile


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because it seems there is as good as no chiptune scene in Germany, we try to get together at least a few people. Feel welcome to join our facebook group:


c ya!

Hi everyone,
my name is Jonas and I am one half of a 2 People Chiptune Electro Band from Hamburg/Germany (Alex Kidd). I am producing electronic Music for a couple of years, mostly electro Pop but lately I try myself at Drum 'n' Bass and now me and my significant other trying this "chiptune-thing" wink
since now, we just jammed a little with some 8bit-sounding vsts but we grabbed ourselfs some Game Boys and right now we are wishfully waiting for our ordered 64m cards to start the "real thing" with lsdj smile
I hope we'll make fast Progress and to post some of our works in this Forum in the near future.
PS: I hope my english is understandable wink