You are imagining things.
lol jk
You have accidentally created a sensor. Just great when that happens. It is likely interference.

Don't add arduino to it without using diodes. Power going backwards might harm it. Are all the bends on one hot wire? I would also worry about too much power.


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How many were made? I love mine too much to part with it. Now i feel like shit.


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turboninja +1


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Hope he doesn't get signed up for a ton of emails.

Are there any modders out there willing to make these 2 things complete my life? I will pay you Moneys. I don't want the dmg backlit or prosounded. I do have a clean dmg I could send someone that will recap it (That one has prosound already) . The mod is too hard for me. I dont have an unmodded gbc, so I will have to purchase one to send to the person that can do the 2 mods. Unless someone has one already???


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Chiptune revival compo? everyone make 1 song everyday! Take your gameboys to work. everyone has done it.


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Dumbug (UK) wrote:

tried both color and advance prefer advance version been able to write hardcore gabber infused chipcore stuff with it no problem lool

record it! and teach me what you know on it.


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You need a working MINI sd card Those adapters for mini to micro dont work. this same thing happened to me when i got an ez flash 4. my problems ended when i got a mini sd card. Make sure to get an adapter for usb to mini. Throw the existing adapter thats in the cart in the trash.

what size of resistor did you use? was it polarized? is it (resistor) in backwards?


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the fact that there is onboard memory does make it smell like another emulation box.

Why so much hate on the brightness buttons. Dont any of you guys take a backlit dmg to the beach? lcd screens behave different in natural light. I wont have to keep an unmodded dmg anymore. The variable brightness may be able to do better than a contrast wheel (imo)... OP show us how it looks at the beach! (i live on a lake... so... this is necessary)

This thing looks nice. I will pick one up.

I will try to figure out the tempo of each. I did it once before, but my notebook is gone. I ran it as slave.