Let me add on to Imaginary's advice.
My own bias against higher ed music degrees would keep me from recommending them to you. But what can help put you on track to writing more harmonic music would be to learn an instrument. Even knowing basic scales and chords will be more of a head start than most beginning musicians will have. Becoming familiar with either guitar or piano (or another instrument with many online resources) will, at the very least, help you in the long run.

For becoming more proficient in arranging, listen to and emulate the styles of your favorite artists. The more music you write, the more you learn about what does and doesn't work. Just keep on creating and trying out new ideas!

And of course there's always Coursera. https://www.coursera.org/course/musictheory

Oy! You're doing fine! Keep making songs and trying to write what you hear in your head. After a while you'll start to form your ideal music, but it can take a while sometimes!

As for "more stuff happening", stuff as much as you can into what room you have. Also check out the expansion chips if you're feeling a little cramped (N163 is my favorite).

Here's some of my music, mostly written in FamiTracker: https://soundcloud.com/ypmid

Woo, let's do it!

Anyone else? Just send me a message if you want to join!

Oy, oy, everyone!

I'm getting bored with my music, so it's time to try something new. Collab time. Either FamiTracker or OpenMPT(which I've just started using) are my programs of choice, but I'm open to others—especially LSDJ. Original or vg cover, upbeat or ballad is fine, whatever we want.

PM me if you're interested!

My music can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/ypmid

Music with passion! I love it!

Thanks for the kind words about my music! If you ever want to collab on a track let me know!

You're doing well for your first time using FamiTracker! You have a nice unique voice that will only get better with the more songs you write. Just keep it up! We all start out being overly worried about our music and how it stacks up to our heros, but don't worry about that, you're doing it! You're really doing it now... *wipes tears* Go for the sound you like! Be sure to try out the expansions (N163 is my fav) as you get more comfortable!

Here's a Fami track I just finished! https://soundcloud.com/ypmid/once-in-a-while

Bright colors.

As a former homeless musician, my thoughts go out to you! Stay safe and stay warm!


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I'd love to hear more about this as well!


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It was a labor of love! Thanks for listening everyone!!!

RSRM also did the amazing art!


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Late 80's smooth jazz.

"Perfect Ear" is great! You can also get "Perfect Ear Pro" which has a couple extra features for a dollar or two.


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rainwarrior wrote:

No my link doesn't keep track of anything. It's just a convenient place to pay royalties for your licenses. You need to keep track of how many downloads you get, and make sure you pay enough.

Oops, that's what I get for barely reading what they offer. That is less convenient!


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Dark Oyster wrote:

Yeah, I know about Creative Commons only being for new original works. I just like it because it makes things easier. I release my music under creative commons so make derivative works and share them for non-commercial purposes guys!

On it! If only everyone did that! But after you hit it big and your old stuff becomes super popular you're going to be all, "Dang, I should have copyrighted all that and licensed it out via my publishing firm to collect royalties so I can afford to pay for booze 'n yacht ladies!"


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Rainwarrior's link (https://www.songclearance.com/) takes care of keeping track of royalty payouts so you don't have to micromanage.

Creative commons only covers new original works not existing ones. If you're taking somebody's song and using it for your own benefit (i.e. profit and promotion) then that artist will most likely want to be compensated for that (or his lawyer's will want their artist to be compensated).

But, yeah. It's a huge annoying hassle that just barely make any sense. It'd be nice to know other's experience with any problems after covering songs for a release.


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If you do decide to go the legal route it would be a good idea to not release your album as a free download. Especially if it's all covers and not just one song. That way you're not paying out of pocket every time someone tries out your music.