Has anyone else seen this? Looks promising! From the creator of the drag 'n derp gameboy cartridge.


His patreon can be found here:



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BUMP: I'm willing to settle for a Chip Maestro, if nobody is willing to give up their midines...

I have money, but if anyone is interested in trade, I have a Pandora handheld console from the original first batch.

As the title says, I'm looking to buy a midi nes cart. If anyone is interested in selling theirs, please post here or send me a message. Thanks

EDIT: Just got one! Thanks!

GLOOMS wrote:

asking for your order in this thread isn't going to help you get your GenMDM..

Little-Scale is a good guy tongue

He may very well be a good guy, but this is not the first time that I got burned on a preorder by a good guy. If he gave us any news at all, the situation would be more understandable. But the silence suggests that he either completely moved on to something else or has been secretly building and improving these things.. the former seems more likely.

Now I wait for Aly James, and I will throw my money at him because he can deliver on a promise.

GLOOMS wrote:

try contacting him on facebook

I took your advice and decided to reach out on facebook, but he probably won't see the message because of facebook's spam protection policies, and I do not have a twitter account. Seems appropriate to respond to the thread that he himself started.

el-bee wrote:

Just for the record, everyone who hasn't yet received their GenMDM, please reply to this! Who knows, maybe we can have a separate thread for all the delivery complaints smile

Still waiting here as well. I'm not frustrated to be honest, but i'm not as enthused as I was when I first preordered it. The only thing that's kept me hanging on is FM Drive, which aly james did great work on. Hope Seb comes through with some news soon, my nomad is lonely.

Some news or an update would be nice...