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I don't know if someone already know this tracker.!gallery/c1ppg

I brought the new gb boy with a gba style case. … 03614.html

$18.69 and free shipping for my country (france).

I have also the first gb boy with the gb color case.

The new one is realy better !!

Work with any buzz/noise (no need prosound mod) with EMS 64M USB and Drag n derp.
Brightness can be adjust or cut off the brightness to use outdoor with sun.

Use battery (bl-5c) with a charger.

the gb boy have a link port but I haven't tryed.

No bug with the vibrato like the first one.

The case is not cheap, it's not a nintendo but any bad plastic noise when you touch it.

Now I need to test the battery life smile


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My 2 gameboy mod

Sorry for the strange distortion of the video (thx youtube wink)


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I want to know if Rhythm Core Alpha 2 is a chiptune software ?

I discovered this software since I'm going to buy a 2ds to use it.


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Could you help me perhaps smile

with nanoloop 2.6  I can reveive a bank but I can send a bank, the transfer bar still pink and nothing on my gba, and on my pc, the command line say me xk to xk sent, done but the gba still waiting for.

I don't understand why...