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You can also use gimp, an open source GNU Image Manipulation Program. Making 8-bit art can be fun, a little time consuming depending on the scale. Pull up a grid, and start filling it in. http://www.gimp.org/


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Brushing up on my coding, I want to put together a interactive graphic novel with original compositions to play on gameboy.

Do you mean the art will be on the game boy too?? Because that would be absolutely rad big_smile and difficult, I would imagine!

That's the idea. It will basically be like pressing a button will take you to a new panel or script, with different ambient chiptunes for different 'pages' every 4 or 6 panels. At least that's what I'm envisioning now, it could all change as the project develops.


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Brushing up on my coding, I want to put together a interactive graphic novel with original compositions to play on gameboy. It will probably be a while. Outside of that I made my first knife recently, a folding lock back pocket knife for my girlfriend. I just finished completely restoring my 13 year old Warwick bass, took out all scratches and dents, redid the oil finish and hand buffed it with beeswax/jojoba oil, then put a new input jack and redid all the wiring, shes looking brand new! As far as life goes, I've been doing odd jobs on commission after i quit my job 5 months ago. They recently called me back and re hired me through a temp agency for a little bit more money, ACE! Now I'm looking at new places to move into with my girlfriend, which I'm super stoked about. Also looking into buying a motorcycle, and take some night classes for welding and metalwork, I'm a passionate cyclists and would love to make my own down the road.

Oh yeah, DIY kits! Tasty!

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Update: EMS cart sold, One clear Play it Loud! and one green Play it Loud! pending.


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Sorry for the late reply, pm'd back


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Bump, House Cooling moving sale! Feel free to shoot me an offer for any of these items.


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Excellent! Very well done, Cheers!


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I haven't smoked in quite some time, it generally makes me fall asleep. Recently, a friend gave me some medical marijuana from a dispensary. I was looking over the prescription bottle it comes in and was surprised to see all the maths, THC % and all that jazz; then written in big ol' sharpie on the bottom of the label was the silly strand name "AF GOOEY GHOST". It's like after they did all that science and growing it still retains a silly dealer type name. To answer your question, I'd have to plus one the "one whole marijuana"

This is excellent! Diggin' the atmosphere, Cheers!


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Finally found one for just under $3 USD with shipping in the US

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I'm having problems with this, too. I made the switch to Windows 10 last night and have been regretting it because of this stupid problem. When I first got Windows 8 it gave me similar problems then magically started recognizing the USB cart. I've tried disabling the driver signature enforcement through the settings->reboot process that DropMontage mentioned - the same way I did it in Windows 8 - but it didn't make any difference. Gonna check out that Android app.

The android app is great! allowing you to dump saves and transfer, taking your handled experience on the go even more so. I'm sorry you're experiencing trouble with the pc, again I rarely do these operations, mainly only when I patch kits on  a new lsdj udpdate