it could easily have been interpreted as "is this cd a with mp3 files on it" -- you know, mp3-cds, those things that were a big deal in car audio in 2004. this makes sense given their answer which is basically, "no, it's an audio cd" - which is true

not saying i think pressing a cd with lossy audio and selling it is particularly cool but i think there is plenty of potential for them to have answered that tweet honestly and in good faith

Cooshinator wrote:

I can name plenty of chip songs I think are hypnotic, raw, or even beautiful, but I can't name a single chiptune song I would describe as "catchy". It's still possible to write great music but it's never going to be anything other than some fucked up techno loops trying to pass off as some other genre

what the fuck


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-moved house and i live with a dog now
-went down to 3 days a week at work so i have more time to be a real human
-took up running as a new Sport to do
-booked a trip to switzerland


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VSTs talk to each other with MIDI, so MIDI "has" to be good enough for you if you want to make a VST

creating a vst plugin is honestly a very very complicated thing to do if you haven't done programming before

but it looks like the sensel has MIDI functionality built right into it


your problem with 8bc was that people talked about their pets there?

rabbits kick ass

ive got a guinea pig and they kick ass too. kinda boring pet though. minmaxing the maintenance/fun spectrum

if woofers are dogs then subwoofers must be cats

cheers for the music recs bp2600, interesting genre that i didnt know existed until now! listening to on some sony earbuds that make the bass completely inaudible and it's all got a kind of DOS shareware soundtrack vibe to it. quality stuff. any more?

that is a photo of malcolm mclaren and i dont think it is appropriate to make fun of him given that he died of a rare and painful cancer


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it clearly isn't the same thing at all but the people involved have been operating in the same circles as chiptuners for so long that it might as well be

hombres b4 genres eh


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while i think beepola is good software and i get that its freeware etc, it really isnt acceptable for a tracker to demand that you uninstall a vital part of your OS to get it to work

can you use those ports/devices with other software in linux?


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how did this get here? who is sully?

cool song anyway

ty so much for your feedback! apparently -1 represents "don't send" internally, but -1=7f, so it looks like the "don't send" value is being sent. should be an easy fix

the note off bug is an interesting one!

i just came in to say that the very last copy has been sold

and i have a job and bathe in hennessy now

thank you

ty for that!! i will take a look at the bug you found when i have some more time

thank you - can you confirm if you have midi in "tracker" mode or not (check config file)