yogi wrote:

Also the 20160918 branch runs well on Pi, even subbed FA for MIDI tick. Spit out lots of Start messages HAHA. This was Pi to PC/MidiOx end-to-end test smile Another minor OT detail, Schism  does run with QjackCtl, just can't run the Jack server (which makes sense).

As to Note on/off, no don't see any traffic. But to me, thought it would be something like a 'instrument' set to a Channel to be used on a track. With the entry '9c n v'; this looks to me like hardcoded 9=high nibble of status, Note message, and  c=variable for low nibble, the Channel. With n and v variables to complete the message. So I thought either a placeholder for function or some way to send notes from a track.

Just did some simple tests, changing the Note On to 91 01 01, to see if it would send these absolute values but no. Then changed the 'Embed MIDI data' to On but no change. Much of the Midi Screen I don't understand, kind of 'poking at it with a stick to see if it does something' smile

It would be a wet dream if this works smile Being able to track an external synth along with samples would be the Holy Grail smile

try turning tracker-like-midi OFF in your config, instrument mode ON, and creating an instrument with a midi channel/program set in pitch settings tab on the instrument page



yogi wrote:

So yet another test.

I found the Zxx midi macro command, and this relates to the 'MIDI Output Configuration screen' Macro Setup. So I put Z83 (F0F00118) on a track and it sends a SysEx message-
  SYSX: 240 1 24 247 =  F0 01 18 F7
The 01 and 18 from the macro is framed by the SysEx Start F0 and End F7. Not sure of the rules here. So changed Z83 to F0F00118101010 and now sends-
  SYSX: 240 1 24 16 16 16 247 = F0 01 18 10 10 10 F7.

I'm guessing the second 'F0' denotes a SysEx type. Trying a change to 'F0910101' sent-
MidiOx: "145  1     1    2  C#-1 Note On"    Which reads NoteOnChannel2(0x91) C#-1(0x01) Velo(0x01).

i believe sysex messages can't contain values > 7F usually. not sure why the extra F0 is used, i guess that is something internal with schism filters, i don't really know

but if you work within the expected range  F0 01 02 03 7D 7E 7F F7 you'll get the expected behavior (sysex) - alternatively you can map your Zxx commands to CC or even note-on if you want i guess!

really glad to hear that, yogi! smile

can i ask if note-on/note-off messages get sent? i am struggling with that but could be because i don't understand mididings

@yogi, here we go https://dl.dropbox.com/s/vg66exuczksip4 … racker.exe smile

this may be of some interest to us both... http://das.nasophon.de/mididings/

@PULSELOOPER bangin'!! smile

thank you! that's really helpful smile

you can download the branch as a zip here, i shouldve mentioned: https://github.com/schismtracker/schism … config.zip

my windows is being a jerk right now but i'll try and get that to you soon. fwiw the windows toolchain is all free (no VS!) and not all that hard to install, if you do want to have a go, but definitely don't feel obliged: https://github.com/schismtracker/schism … windows.md

yogi wrote:

Just a little follow up after some testing with MidiOx.
I'm using the current release Win32 20160913 with s3m Mods sending into Midi Ox's Midi Sync Transport detecting the Tempo.
On this setup there is a minor difference between the Mod's labled Tempo and the detected Tempo. Mods displaying Tempo 80 are detected at 81; and mods labeled as 125 are detected as Tempo of 128.
The difference is probably due to Midi Ox's detection smile Looks good!

One thing that I don't understand is the Midi Output Configuration page. The init values were:
So I changed these to:
At one point I wanted to see the Start/Stop message behaviour better, so I reset the tick field to blank. But ticks continued to be sent. Then also blanked the Start field but Start messages also are sent regardless of the values on the Midi Configure Page. Am I misunderstanding the use of this page? It does update the config file and I have tried re-starting Schism. Or does it describe how/what the tracker responds to?
It's not really an issue for me but just trying to understand,

are you able to compile yourself on windows? well spotted, it was pretty broken (just totally ignoring user settings and sending FA/FC/F8 no matter what). i think i have done a quick fix for start/stop/tick that should work (e.g. blanking out the tick field should send no tick messages) - if you're not able to compile it i will do a windows one for you ASAP

if you know of any midiox-like midi analyser for linux that would be great too

edit: oops forgot to link the branch

i don't know, that's interesting, and something we could look at. it sounds broken to me!

though it's not as good as the program working, you can filter out certain kinds of message (e.g. tick) in the midiox settings somewhere, i believe

good news! ty for that

you can also load presets with alt-shift-z

press alt-z on an empty slot on the f3 page

it's kind of explained here https://github.com/schismtracker/schism … lib-sample

i agree it's not intuitive but it is something you get a feel for gradually

smile i believe its the only tool for making adlib music that fulfils the two key requirements of music software:

a) runs on modern OSes
b) doesnt have a blue-on-blue colour scheme

there be a new release for windows and linux

osx forthcoming... hopefully

and we are trying to sort out continuous integration so we can do more regular releases


chunter wrote:
sandneil wrote:

dear chubby middle aged guy with the 70s mustache and the cute baby who was wearing a BRK tshirt in ikea today, you are my favourite thing about producing chiptune

Sorry, it wasn't me. I'm not chubby and I don't shop at Ikea.

congrats on the cute baby though!

also i love how inexpensive it is and how you dont have to worry about getting the latest versions for compatibility or anything because everything is out of date and incompatible anyway

VCMG wrote:

I love how portable the project files are and how a lotta people are pretty open with sharing them. it's a lot of fun to trade mods/lsdsngs/etc and really learn how other people get their sounds to improve your own technique, all from self-contained files smaller than an mp3.

which also makes doing collabs really easy and fun!

dear chubby middle aged guy with the 70s mustache and the cute baby who was wearing a BRK tshirt in ikea today, you are my favourite thing about producing chiptune