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Yeah, that is suggested. Check this out:


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Did you see this?

https://www.circuitbenders.co.uk/forsal … TCPCB.html

The switch can just connect and disconnect the output from the LTC module to the clock pin in your gameboy. There can be glitches but it works for the most part if your switch is fast and clean.


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A step up converter? Are you just using one of those LTC PCB kits or what are you using?


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It was years ago, but it was this size:
https://www.taydaelectronics.com/potent … meter.html
These are smaller yet and I use them  quite often in other projects:
https://www.taydaelectronics.com/potent … b-9mm.html

That one can be bought with metal, plastic, smooth or knurled shafts. The values linked are obviously not correct for your project tho.


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I did a couple with a pot in place of the internal speaker.


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bitjacker wrote:

For the price tag, I really hope there is an internal arduino. I would buy a couple of those. Would there be space?

This isn't really made for us, mind you. I gather that the main demographic is the millennial-nostalgia bubble. You know, for playing pokemans ironically.  The six or seven chiptune artists who have 89 bucks on hand aren't the main focus. big_smile
Besides, the commercial distribution of Trash's code would just be another strike for hyperkin. I don't think they want to touch that a second time around. - granted, you were talking about an internal arduino boy.
This is just speculation, but I think the shell is going to be pretty stuffed. If its got a Li-po battery then it will need new components to protect over/undercharging. Two speakers for stereo, etc. An internal arduinoboy is already tough enough to jam into an official gb pocket. But we'll see.


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do you have one lying around?

Anyone remember the VJ?


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trash80 wrote:
Todderbert wrote:

I can confirm it works, though I get some notes that hang once in awhile...not sure if its my Arduino or the Gameboy.  Just a trial run, you set the midi channels 1-4 for the Channels.  If you figure out the note hanging issue let me know.  It only does it every so often on the track and resolves itself and keeps playing normally.

Try disabling MIDI sync out since that is just wasted data for mGB, also you can turn off the screen using Select + A which will work a bit better on a DMG.



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Yo catskull, can you try this out on my dual ended pcb? I haven't any 8-bit roms on hand.

Very cool. I can't wait to see it evolve into something larger.


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Does this pic make my hand look fat?

Looks correct.
There is only so much you can do , friend. The gameboy is not a perfect beast, but a little hiss is to be expected. If you want it gone, then emulate.
As for your questions, the larger the capacitance, the Marge the physical size generally speaking. 
A pro-sound mod will also help a tad.

The static is life. The static is love. Embrace the static.


Whoa whoa whoa. Did I hear that this works with scummvm?