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Jellica wrote:

various colleagues right wing opinions.

Haha +1 for this!

Been listening to the new Superbytes album a lot recently, and also the new Shirobon EP. Outside of this world, a lot of Nightwish and Epica smile

chipzel - spectra has LSDj project files for some tracks, at least Tokyo Skies I think


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Been a long time coming! Loving it!! heart

This is so cool!! A bit similar to AAlib, but looks a lot simpler to use. Would love to see a BB port to this smile



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love it! and really dig the cover art!


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probably ought to be moved to member only


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(this was supposed to be a single fire emoji)

Nice album! I saw you guys at Rezzed earlier in the year and noticed your copy of LSDj ticking away on the desk smile
See you at EGX? I'll be there on Sunday so I'll keep an eye out and say hi!


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you the maannnnnn heart


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on point dude


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Yo guys definitely check this one out. Lizardking is one of my favourite Amiga artists of all time, and I'm sure up there in a lot of other people's minds too. Very excited for the other releases in this series, especially if they're on par with this one!


We are celebrating today the 30th Anniversary of the Amiga Computer and we are very proud to present a new compilation series we have been working on called “90s Amiga Classics Collection”. A compilation that features the best of the best of those Golden Amiga years that we call home.

For the first release in this series we are very proud to present you Lizardking. He is one of the legendary Amiga musicians that was a member of demogroups like Alcatraz, Razor1911, The Silents, The Black Lotus and Triton. He was one the key producers that shaped the Amiga sound for the years to come and he even co-invented a new music genre called Doskpop, a melancholic style of italo-disco pop songs. His songs are highly epic and emotional, loaded with strong melodies and carefully twisted arrangements that drive his style as a solid and unique blend of emotions.

This first compilation features a collection of 16 Amiga modules re-mastered in dolby stereo, a carefully selected playlist of our favourite Lizardking productions that were released in the 90s on the Amiga demoscene so enjoy the ride and stay in style!

Would be interested in this. I buy shirts and hardware (but mostly can use retrotowers for that) sometimes, and occasionally even buy physical copies of releases yikes

idk maybe talk to some of the London people too if you want to drum up more interest


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dapperwrench wrote:




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Enjoying it a lot! Can't wait until the launch party on Friday!!


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This is beyond hype! I'll be there!!