That was really... Really weird.

Great job though! And I did enjoy watching it!


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kineticturtle wrote:

I'm fairly certain they're the same size as all the other gameboy screws, but I haven't opened up (or even owned) an MGB in awhile. If someone wants to confirm that for me, I can send you a set of screws - if you're not in the US I may ask for you to pay for shipping.

They are indeed the same size. Or at least very similar from looking at the two.

I really wish I could have made it all the way up 'te north for this...
Will the audio from the stream be available for download after? I don't know how that site works. But nice one on actually streaming it though!

Saw this on reddit. I enjoyed it. Also I envy you, with your cool toys hmm

Nice! Was beginning to wonder what happened to this.

Needless to say, it sounds great! Congratulations to everybody involved!!

americasteam7 wrote:
sprusr wrote:

Seriously thought you were trolling by the 3rd thread.

Were you the one that banned me? lol

No, but I did say 'I want to hurt myself'. Not so much aimed at you, more the fact that after two other threads had been deleted, you still didn't get that nobody really wanted to buy a golden gameboy. This is an internet forum, so please don't take too much offence.
Although what I said still stands.

Seriously thought you were trolling by the 3rd thread.

Hope you managed to sort something out.

On a similar note, I have a spare ticket for their gig tomorrow in London. Anybody want it?

I reiterate the point I made on Reddit that this is amazing. wink

I just received my boxed Tama 1 + 2 carts in the post this morning, and I must say they are excellent.
I'm amazed at how fast they arrived! Now working on figuring out the menus wink


Hype levels off the scale. They look fantastic.

Wow this is awesome. Nintendo power support is crazy! Can't wait to hear more!!

My heart... The excitement...



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Great review. I've been debating getting hold of one of these for a while, and this just might push me over the edge.

When I first started looking into the vl-1, I came across a neat little MIDI mod that fits nicely inside the case. I reckon the vl would make a pretty cool MIDI controller. Not so sure about the usability, though wink
This just shows that there is definitely potential. And I'm sure if somebody around here decided to pick one of these up, that potential would be exploited to its full!!

I put dibs in on whatever color you've got left. The cheapest I guess wink