Although I didn't participate, it created a load of new great stuff, some of which I still listen to on a regular basis.
Would definitely be up for it, were it to happen.

Really great presentation. Loved me them sweet shreds! wink



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This sounds like a great idea. Editing Wikis is a seriously great pastime!

It's short for super user, thus why I call myself super (when I'm talking in the third person).
I chose it because I crave power over everything.


Sounds great! I want it even more 0.0

So... People who have played it (assuming you're still visiting reality every so often, and not totally dissolved into the game): how is it?
How does it compare to previous Pokemon games, apart from the 3D part obviously. Similar kind of experience?
I'm considering getting myself an xl to play it on, but need a little convincing first, I think.


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I just downloaded it and fired it up in Ableton on Windows, and it's pretty sweet!

Is your problem that you're not sure what to do with the .vst files? You just have to copy them into your VST folder. Not sure what DAW you're using, but Ableton looks like it uses "Macintosh OS/Library/Audio/Plugins/VST" on a Mac.
Or perhaps I misinterpreted you, in which case, I'm sorry for being so patronising.


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nitro2k01 wrote:

Do you hear the po-ling sound if you wait the time it normally takes for the logo to scroll down the screen? Can you adjust the contrast when the EMS cartridge is inserted, or does it always stay the same contrast?

My theory is that the PCB isn't properly seated inside the cartridge and shorts something out when inserted to a DMG. Open up the case and lift the PCB and put it back. Be careful when you lift the PCB, as it may be stuck down with double sided adhesive tape.

I'm also noting that that is an EMS 64M USB cartridge in a shell originally designed for the older EMS 32M cartridges.

Great observation! It's actually a pre-production 64M. It was the last in stock from where I got it, but it was local and cheap so I went for it.
I've just done what you suggested, as there is indeed no 'po-ling' or the ability to control contrast. I lifted the board out of the plastic and put it back in again, but it's had no effect. Is there some guide I should be aligning to?

EDIT: Well... It would now appear that my save battery is dead. Could be what was causing all of this, although why it would is beyond me. If however in the meantime anybody has any suggestions regardless of the battery, I would be very thankful! Will update with progress.


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Great tutorial! Se easy, even I could follow it big_smile

THE FEELS!! I love this heart