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Any idea which venue it is?

Really...? Nobody else is drinking milk? The stuff of gods.


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Nice. Great collection. A few on there that I don't have (but not for long wink). Thanks.


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funky wink


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The color's screen is easier on the eyes in my opinion. I find myself straining a lot when staring at a dmg.
The fact the the color is light and small means that I usually carry one with me in my pocket - something that is less than practical with a dmg.

Although my backlit, prosound brick has the edge in badassery any day wink

The only advice I can offer, if you haven't done so already is try it with the latest stable release. I believe it's 4.6.9.
I don't think the cable length should be an issue, but I'm no expert. It sounds like a software issue to me.

I've never bought anything with bitcoins, but as a concept I find them extremely cool. It's great that you've started accepting them.

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Isn't is like $1000+ for one coin though? are there 'bitcents'?

Yes. You can have as little as 0.00000001 BTC I think. But that's basically worthless. The price is a bit volatile at the moment - the price recently soared to over $1000 and is now back down to $700. My financial friends all tell me bitcoins are really bad because of how much they dart around in price, but I don't really understand. I like them from a technical point of view, and because they're nerdy :3


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The only mod I can think of you haven't mentioned is adding a ps/2 port directly to the gb to plug in a keyboard for LSDj. Pretty handy if you're into that kind of thing. I think Kitsch sells a kit for it.
Oh - also the integrated Arduinoboy. But all the implementations I've seen of that are pretty messy.

I'm pretty sure there must be a load more things you can do. I am by no means an expert.


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Wasn't expecting much from a zip from mediafire wink, but this is pretty good!

u sik brah

Only just checked out this thread. Really great tut, and your art is fantastic!
Would definitely be interested in a PF gameboy wink

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I feel I should warn you that spiritual repayments can cost you your soul.

It's alright. I already sold it to an old witch in exchange for her broomstick.

This certainly seems cool. Whether my funds will stretch to cover the cost of one of these is a totally different question...
Besides, I'm pretty satisfied with my EMS cart atm. My current setup makes it pretty easy to transfer between the cart.

That's pretty much what I was looking for, so thanks! I'll repay you some time. So long as I don't forget.

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You're welcome.

You should go professional. Your talent is limitless. wink

I guess I'll just go all out and say what this thing is about... I'm trying to organize a gameboy programming jam. The jam jar is going to be used to make a bad pun.
There's already a gameboy-themed game jam, but I wanted to make something slightly broader but at the same time stricter. I'll do a proper announcement at some time, but if anybody is interested go ahead and pm me.

I guess somewhere around 100px tall. Maybe 70px wide. Looking for quite high detail. I might as well ask for the moon on a stick...!

I'm looking to get a piece of pixel art done, but I'm not willing to pay for it. I apologize in advance.

The thing I want done is a jam jar. I'm not going to profit out of it, it's just for this project I'm doing. If anybody is so kind as to volunteer, shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you with some more details.

I will find a way to repay you spiritually, and you will have my full gratitude.