e.s.c is some weaksauce assclown yo!

Personally, I think e.s.c has yielded what very little useful information he ever could have.

Thats what I'm saying, almost all VSTi have become too expensive these days!

Its a piece of software, not hardware after all.

Most of you probably use cracked VSTi but wont admit.


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Because I use renoise and the BPM doesnt go to 3 decimal places...only 1.

If I could get it all into renoise track by track then I could use the reverse command and the offset command to chop and screw the whole thing like it was a break and place different effects and automations per nanoloop track/channel.

I cant afford some homemade midi box solely for the purpose of nanoloop usage...

I love the look of this new project, but I'm more excited by the prospect of nanoloop updating to a fully featured nanoloop for android/ios, with no BPM/speed problem, no memory/storage problem, no homemade midi box problem, no white noise/ hiss problem etc.

nanoloop always sounds so much smoother than LSDJ...its just these annoying little things about gameboys limitations / weaknesses.
Hope you understand its not trolling or attackng "chip culture", its just annoying to always be looking for workarounds to problems that keep popping up with gameboy usage.



nice one matej!

I downloaded them all...going to try them tonight

Thats the problem. A lot of badminded people tend to be very vocal and get themselves heard, while humble nice people tend to have a smaller voice and dont get heard...it like that saying fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.

chunter wrote:

I appreciate what Plogue creates, though for all the drama it's made I wish he hadn't gotten involved in the ALYS project.

Eh? Drama?

What happened? did the alys guy break out from plogue and go awol? rogue?

I am 35 but I'm not actually conceited.


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Interesting, so if this is the same as nanoloop carts for GBA (i have 2.3 and 2.7) I could use multiples of 15 for the BPM and my tempo alignment problem will be finished/gone?

Well, if you cant say from the bottom of your heart that its absolutely worth $75, then if you had paid $102 for it you might think it was a bit steep.

76.00 GBP = 102.138 USD

As for the last paragraph of your post, I couldnt agree more. In these last few years Ive seen a lot of software companies putting out dumbed down stuff that gives noobs instant gratification...take auxy for example...Its a nice simple interface and a good design but when it comes down to it you can't really initialize the synths and start sound designing from scratch. They release preset packs in which some sound designer has done a sound and the only things you can tweak are the macros that those sound designers chose.


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@yoyz2k: I like your track, especially towards the end...yes dosbox adlib does sound nice.

@oliver: Its an interesting project. Is it more than a TB303 on a DMG? What other features will it have? It uses framerate for setting speed i guess

Matej wrote:

It depends from where are you. When in your country is salary like 600-700Euro than 80Euro is high price for you.
You must buy food, pay apartment, mobile, internet, fuel for car... But Plogue is very nice piece of software. Lot of soundchips.
When you imagine how many hours coders must study those soundchips and analyse them with specialized HW.
So it is not so high price for that VST...

Agreed. You understand well my problem with this pricing.

If plogue is out there I'd like you to add a haggle button...I'll give you £25 for it.


Lets say one chip's price is ten dollars (as in fmdrive) then yeah I suppose that price kinda works out.

On their website it says authentically emulates 15 vintage 8-bit era sound chips (on top of their variants).

Then again computer music magazine just gave away a whole analogue modelled modular synth vsti called bastille for free in this issue...

@sweden: Good to get a heads up that its actually useful and worth the price...might get it in a couple of months. Maybe I'll try super PSG first tho...cos its sega master system...sega was always better.

But I would like to add that regarding the pricing of VSTi, sometimes it not what a VSTi is worth that matters but rather how the developer can move the most units (make the most sales) in the fastest possible time (during the hype phase) in order to maximise profit, which can be used to pay programmers for the next project....personally, I would buy plogue chipsounds today if it was £25, tomorrow if it was £40, but as it stands at £75.60 I'm thinking...yeah...maybe in a couple of months.


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shame about pspseq synths code not being open sourced (i thought it was for some reason).

Have you checked out the code for adlib tracker 2's 4 operator FM synth...that one sounds golden...pretty sure its open sourced.

Just to clarify, picoloop will have true BPM right? (like lgpt, because psp clock is not governed by 60hz or 50hz framerate).

sounds like your putting in a lot of hard work so I'm really looking forward to trying it end of 2016. MIDI in/out/clock/start/stop will be quite groundbreaking in the world of PSP homebrew. I dont think anyone has managed it so far.

I sincerely hope you don't do the entire project for free.

You mentioned multiplatform.
Definitely get it onto the playstore and appstore and charge for it.

This video has the adlibtracker2 synthesis in it right? Im not sure if its adlibtracker2 or a DX7...


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I understand your viewpoint about dedicated devices (all the better if handheld and portable) in terms of not getting distracted by the internet (like I am right now).

Your project picoloop looks very nice. I believe it will have true BPM. When will it be finished?

You know, if you need code for various synthesis types, I think the code from PSPSEQ is availiable... open sourced.
The guy that made PSPSEQ used that project to get a job designing effects for Roland. He knew what he was doing in making the synths themselves but the GUI was a bit fiddly.