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OOoooooh so this is why God stays in heaven

this is my new favorite reply

its really good

Honestly I've heard a lot of people are turned away from cm.o by sort of an "old-head gatekeeper" vibe from a lot of members, so I stopped posting to try to help with that.

edit: Also just deleted a four year old post with a homophobic slur and a mod quoting it and saying "careful" instead of deleting it, so I totally get why people don't feel super welcome here


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gonna need you take 20% off bud


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yeah man


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i can't WAIT


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Sorry, but Korg Gadget is not chiptune related smile I personally very like Deflemask Mobile, great work Delek.

damn we got some bootlickers in chat y'all


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I can't believe no one's posted this album here? Do y'all even like chiptune?

i'm so glad you're back Shiru. Thanks!

yeah uhhh i never knew he made a cart. have you tried contacting him? he is alive.


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yo people will get live notifications if they want to follow you on twitch, stop bumping this thread


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I'm pretty amazed that this thing has two micro SD slots

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The links are dead again.
Can some please reupload this, and for posterity (and for the love of God), PLEASE stop using Dropbox - every single Dropbox link I've ever came across online is always, and without fail, dead or 404'd. Same as in previous threads (about this very program) as well.
Not to mention Edward Snowden said Dropbox spies on you and all that.

I have uploaded to dropbox
https://www.dropbox.com/s/4kmrzm837g02k … 0.zip?dl=0


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I hate women too let's start a club


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anything from gescaep is always an instant buy for me!


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There's less than 100 less right now GAMERS


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Instabought. heart

thank you!