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I see some of my VST stuff has been mentioned in the forums, so with recent update of the plug-ins to support x64, I thought to drop a list, in case someone is interested.

1bitstudio - a bundle of 14 synth and processing plugins focused on the 1-bit sound synthesis;
ChipArp - MIDI arpeggiator to work together with all of my plugins, creates chiptune arps from regular chords (can be used in realtime play);
VT2i - AY-3-8910 emulator that supports Vortex Tracker II instrument files, so called samples and ornaments;
Flopster - sample-based simulator of a floppy disk drive that is used to play music notes;
PCSPE - PC Speaker emulator plug-in that can be used to create music for actual old PC hardware. It is the tool that powered up System Beeps;
CrushDMC - bit crusher that simulates NES DPCM encoding to get authentic distortions;
ChipWave -  synth plug-in that blends characteristics of many old sound chips (AY, SID, POKEY) with features of old subtractive synths;
ChipDrum -  a counterpart to the ChipWave, sharing the same concept for drum sounds,  capable to produce a range of sounds between 1-bit, chip tune, and analog drum machines;
FTplug - NES APU emulator that supports FamiTracker sequence-driven instruments, including loading and saving *.fti files.
EVALUA - a math expression based synth

There is always more in the works. You can find latest updates, as well as support my audio developments, at my recently launched Patreon page.

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i'm so glad you're back Shiru. Thanks!


Hey Shiru, thanks !

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I've messed with ChipDrum in the past and it's totally awesome! Glad to see activity with these!