I record every track separately from my Game Boy, then align the recordings in my DAW of choice (Reason) by zooming all the way in and perfectly lining up the waveforms. No guess work.


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rumpelfilter wrote:

IN my experience mGB is a bit shakey, meaning that you get dropped notes and stuff like that... though it is interesting if you use it creatively, since it will add a bit of "probability" to repeating sequences smile
You could also check out Pushpin for the GBC, looks like mGB on steroids!

This page really makes Pushpin look cool, but I can't find a demo of someone using the software.

Why wouldn't the person who went to all the trouble of making Pushpin at least make a video or a song that demo'd the capabilities?

If you have any links, I'd appreciate it.

HimsyPimsy wrote:

Sounds like you want one of these: 


Oh, crap. You're probably right. Thanks!

I am really burnt out on LSDJ, so I want to try a new setup.

This guy has set up his Game Boy (running mGB) to receive MIDI information from a DAW with Arduinoboy.

To help you visualize it, here's the MIDI signal path:

Computer => Arduinoboy => Game Boy (running mGB)

This leaves me with a few questions, though:

1. Where should I buy my Arduinoboy, and which kind should I get?

I'm thinking about getting this one, but it says "a custom link cable is required." Meh.

2. Is it possible to send MIDI to this Arduinoboy through USB?

That would make it easier to connect to a computer. It clearly has a USB-B connection, but I don't know if it is used to send/receive MIDI.

If anyone can either answer my questions or refer me to some reliable sources, I would appreciate it.

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I record it straight from the Game Boy. What's the point of mixing/mastering, really?
1) You can manually change the volume levels of the instruments in LSDJ.
2) Adding too many effects would take away from the chiptune vibes.

That said, I'm eventually going to mix/master my tracks. If anything, just to help clarify the sounds.
Bottom line? Unless your music is very complex, there's no point.