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Cubase and fruity loops both  have an iOS daw. spendy though. never messed with nano too much but I love sunvox as the only real tracker option. honestly dude i found the apps I like by jail breaking my stuff, pirating all the music shit I could and then purchasing the ones I like so I'm not dependent on being on a jail broken device. and don't forget about audio bus , it sends sound from one app into another, which means you can play with a tight synth app, send it through an effect app,  and then send it  into your daw. I feel like if your only using one app on iOS your not doing it right, it's about using all the ones you like together.

thanks for reminding me how much i miss uoki toki ya big jerk sad   thats a tight playlist for sure though i'll check it out


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about it


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may be a little too experimental to call it ragga or dub but pepperment pony's gamebwoy riddim is one of my favorite chip albums of all time

and its sequel is good too
http://flaccidplastic.bandcamp.com/albu … ddim-vol-2

was gonna say helgeland but it looks like you fuk with them already. good choice wink


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got myself a wii u. bayonetta 2 and monster hunter have been fun.


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i suppose im biased but im particularly proud of alex. i think the whole things pretty cool.


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fool just let the game out the trunk. dolores is the possibly the greatest chip track ive ever heard.


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Helgeland 8-bit Squad is pretty top shelf stuff. fuck ton of tunes too.


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i thought this topic was gonna be about marijuana. im disappoint.


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remember the rap battle between steady c and the reactionary on back on 8bc? i loved that shit.


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these are toight! very cool keep it up


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about it


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i wanna have your babies

CountSymphoniC wrote:

This project is not dead.

Those interested in following development can visit http://gendev.spritesmind.net/forum/vie … 4242#24242

Keep in mind this is a Sega development forum, so try to keep things dev related.
And... sorry for the lack of updates in two years.

very cool! im excited to see where this goes.

cow'p - key of solomon