Hello! I'm new to the forums here so first I would like to say that I'm looking forward to interacting with everyone here in the forums big_smile

Okay down to business! I am trying to do two things, though the second depends on how I go about the first. The first of my issues is that I'm looking for a DAW that works relatively simply on my iPhone and iPad that I can use while I'm at work to create chipmusic (obviously). I searched for a similar topic but I didn't see one that looked like what I was trying to do so I figured I could make a new topic for it. I hope I'm posting in the right section also.

What I'm looking for is a program where I can preset sounds or synths and manually place notes without having to play them. I'm used to FL Studio and what I do in there is just click and drag my notes into place since I'm not skilled enough to actually play the music with a midi instrument. As I said I'm looking to do this in iPhone. I want to be able to create an entire song on my iPhone and export it to MP3/FLAC without needing additional software.

The second part of my dilemma is that I want to be able to take what I've created on my phone and export/import/transfer etc. those files onto my windows computer and continue to work on them at home, and vice versa if I want to take a song to work. I've been looking at the FL Studio mobile app and I'm considering that for my DAW but that creates a few more issues. I don't know if the mobile app lets you use custom synths/sound packs, and as well I haven't been able to actually emulate chipmusic in FL Studio. Instead I have been trying to learn about waveforms and attempting to recreate the sounds from SNES and genesis consoles but it just doesn't sound the same. But this is a topic for a different post, though I wanted to make it known in case this would help send me somewhere else in the right direction.

Anyway that's my dilemma. I want to make music on my iPhone regardless and I'm probably going to get FL Studio mobile even if I can't use it for chipmusic. But I would like to know if anyone on here has found any good chipmusic apps that do what I'm describing. Also as a note, I don't know how to use physical racks and whatnot. I don't understand how to set up any hardware and so an app that uses hardware or emulates hardware and requires me to know how to set up connections like in reason I will be so lost  (I don't even know the names of that stuff >.<).

One last thing is I'm posting on my iPhone so I'm sorry if there's any weird words or something. My phone likes to auto correct what I've written several words after I've written them so I don't notice.

Thank you all in advance!

PixiTracker maybe?


Korg Gadget

PixiTracker looks like a good one! I'll definitely do some research on that one. Thank you!

Korg Gadget looks like it would be perfect, except that it isn't available for iPhone, only iPad. I'd would definitely prefer something that works for both because a lot of the time I don't have my iPad or it's too bulky to use discretely at work. I'll definitely check that one out though! Thank you smile

I havent found any daw I like that runs on the iphone to be honest.

herr_prof wrote:

I havent found any daw I like that runs on the iphone to be honest.

Yeah, same. I used iOS nanoloop for a while but I much prefer the GBA version, so once I got a gameboy micro I pretty much stopped using my phone to write music!


A lot of people swear by NanoStudio.

I 2nd Nanostudio. It's probably the most powerful / flexible. You can export audio in various formats, and also transfer files (including samples and MIDI) over FTP. There's a free windows version also. It has a great synth engine and effects that sound nice.

That said, I end up spending more time with PixiTracker 1Bit because it's a lot of fun, and very casual.

I really hate using the piano roll on nanostudio on my phone.. it just never clicked for me. Id love to see a ios version of something like numerology with big easy to use grids, which is why im lusting for an iphone version of gadget, so I can export on a pc.

egr wrote:

A lot of people swear by NanoStudio.

never really clicked w/ ios music, but it seems like the people whose stuff really impresses me tend to be rly into nanostudio

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iSequence is the best. just save often as it crashes inexplicably sometimes. it also has MIDI out capability (if you buy the iMidi add on). You can also bounce entire track to WAV, it has really smooth easy to use automation and a excellent sounding filter. even the sample packs you can buy are pretty decent. There is even a chiptune bank, but if thats all you use its gonna be hard to make really unique, authentic sounding chip tunes.

The company also makes Sunrizer which is a killer synth. It's not a DAWs though, so I have logic pro send MIDI out to the Sunrizer via iMidi and then record the output back in thru my Komplete Audio 6 as a incoming audio track. Sunrizer has a user-created preset library that is insanely huge and professional. I could spend hours looking thru those.

Here's a track done all in Sunrizer.
https://soundcloud.com/beatscribe/phoen … cate-empty

This one is Sunrizer and iSequence and I think one logic pro choir sample sound.
https://soundcloud.com/beatscribe/phoen … deep-space

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Try nanostudio, the best daw on iphone, the iPad version is great too.
You can export on the Idevice and use a PC too.
It is not a chip instrument, but you can do chip on it.

listen to the people promoting Nanostudio, it really really rocks. Its pretty much the only DAW I can get along with on iOS. Most of the best apps I find to be smaller in scope; iElectribe is an amazing drum synth, sir sampleton is a cool little casio sk in your pocket. There are plent of great synths, midi sequencers, but only Nanostudio has the DAW vibe really going on. I agree with herr_prof in that I really dislike drawing the notes out in it, but I just record them in real time using the screen or a plugged in midi device. If you jailbreak the ipod you can use midi devices on it also (camera connection kit only works on ipad, stock; get a decent midi keyboard and an audio interface plugged in and you can really nearly replace your PC)

and check out SMPLR / SAMPLR too. that really rocks; designed perfectly for the touch interface. Less powerful that nanostudio, and certainly no DAW, but its a bad-ass sample sequencer that blows nearly everything out of the water. Its a playable recycle in your hands.

Cubase and fruity loops both  have an iOS daw. spendy though. never messed with nano too much but I love sunvox as the only real tracker option. honestly dude i found the apps I like by jail breaking my stuff, pirating all the music shit I could and then purchasing the ones I like so I'm not dependent on being on a jail broken device. and don't forget about audio bus , it sends sound from one app into another, which means you can play with a tight synth app, send it through an effect app,  and then send it  into your daw. I feel like if your only using one app on iOS your not doing it right, it's about using all the ones you like together.