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That shit's pretty rare.


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I redeemed fw33-5ku9

Thank you so much!!


solo each of the nano´s channels



So I'm planning on working on some Nanoloop + LSDJ + Ableton tracks, but I'd like to record separate tracks for adding effects to separate parts.

Is there any way to do this in 2.7.7?


Knife City always fascinates me how he knows how to use sooo many different trackers and do it very well too!


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double post


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Not much mang.

This thread tho is gr8 m8 8/8


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Holy shit this is fucking amazing. Keep up the awesome work!


Were you using the same set of AAs in both game boys?

No, different set of batteries.

I'll probably contact the seller about a possible refund.

BennVenn wrote:

Both game boys though, common point between the two is the cart...

BennVenn wrote:

Maybe wait to see if anyone else has a similar setup to yours, could be that the mods plus flash cart are using more than the power supply can produce. Unless this has only just started happening?

It just started happening yesterday. the GBs were working perfectly before.

BennVenn wrote:

Any mods on the GB? Backlight?

very unusual problem. Sounds like something is up with the cart

biverted backlight with prosound on both.

BennVenn wrote:

EMS64? I wouldn't think the power supply in the GB could provide enough current to damage anything downstream from it which would suggest it is the source of the smell. Which part of the cart is getting hot if you can pinpoint it?

around the center ish, I'm only going by memory at this point cuz it happened like 30 mins ago.

BennVenn wrote:

I don't think a bad battery would cause a burning smell... If the cart was failing it is possible for the GB to run code it is not supposed to and corrupt your data. Is the smell coming from the cart or the gameboy? Is either getting hot?

The gameboy is producing the smell, and the cart got a tad hot.