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Hey! It's not necessarily coming up, because i released it today (really bad about getting announcements out to the right places tongue ), but I dropped a 9-track LSDJ album today.  I was planning on making a  release a year ago, but kept hitting complications (*IF* anyone recalls something about the Pirate King of Space, this is essentially what became of it).

Please give it a listen (unlimited streaming), and if you dig it you can pay for it. Or get somebody else to pay for it and have them copy it for you, I approve but only for you guys.




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I have a xenyx 802, looking to upgrade for live performance and recording using 4-5 dmg's and/or possibly laptop. was been looking at a mackie profx12, any advice?


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I will be releasing an album within the next couple weeks. Titled: The Pirate King of Space. The title track is posted on here, but here's the demo reel:

https://soundcloud.com/mr-zongrs/pirate … album-demo

poo. well, thank you for clearing that up for me, i know what my next move is then

I have had a Nanoloop 1.3 Legacy cart since 2008 and have only recently learned about mgb and being able to load it onto a nanoloop cartridge with the USB midi adapter (which I have).  After digging around and coming up empty handed, I decided to make this post.

So, is there anybody out there who knows of a way to load mgb to a legacy cartridge or if it's even possible? Any help would be appreciated beyond any fathomable value.  PM or reply if you gots da knowledge.

Thank you!