Russian Chiptune Mafia™ is back in business. Our new task force, armed to the teeth with various versions of Nanoloop, delivered an array of 10 tracks, ranging from smooth electronica to shattering bass music.

Enjoy Real Chiptune™.

All of the tracks use one or multiple versions of Nanoloop by Oliver Wittchow:

Track 2: Nanoloop 2, Nanoloop Mono & Teenage Engineering PO-32.
Track 3: Nanoloop 1.
Track 4: Nanoloop for iOS.
Track 9: Nanoloop 2 + Nanoloop Mono
Everything else: Nanoloop 2

Cover art by Denis Dasen.


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jefftheworld wrote:

That's neat, though. It's not quite as easy as having the data go straight to the SD card, but for a budget cart it's a hell of a lot better than having to rely entirely on battery-backed RAM.

I don’t think it’s technically possible to write save data straight to microSD for two reasons: flash memory is not random accessible and power off while writing can damage all the data on microSD. So the way it works seems very logical to me.


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catskull wrote:

I think it is just normal 128k sram but it backs up on boot and then just loads it from SD when you choose the game. I think I saw there's a button in the cart that will make it back up immediately.

The button on the cart is just a soft reset. But yeah, after that you can backup save to microSD.


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jefftheworld wrote:

Since these use SD cards, I'm guessing the battery is fork the working ram in some way? Can you back up that working ram back to the SD card easily?

When you turn off your Gameboy, save is stored in battery powered RAM. When you turn Gameboy on, it asks to backup save to microSD, if not, it removes from RAM. Also you can choose auto backup on startup. The battery is also used for RTC.


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Hello everyone. Yesterday I’ve got a package from China with new Gameboy flash card called EZ Flash Junior. I didn’t found any info on web about it, so decided to share my experience with you. I downloaded LSDJ on it, and it work without any problems, save/load functions as well. I shot a short video for you to prove it works.

Just want to say thank you for very helpful and very straight forward tutorial.
There is only one difference that I made a 3,5 mm jack instead of RCAs.
I quickly compared it with prosounded DMG and didn’t noticed modified GBC is any worse.

this is so good!

ultrageranium wrote:
nitro2k01 wrote:

It should be possible. [...]

Thanks! I will look into it in the coming weeks and will report ... hopefully some success smile

so did you make it successfully?


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Why there is no downloading, mate? Sick release.


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why did i miss this? so awesome, as always


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Great stuff!)


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wow, cool sound!


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It was really awesome. Thanx to Nordloef and other awesome artists and organizers. It was crazy!


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Wow. It's so cool!
Very interesting dark industrial sound. I love it!