nanode wrote:

Hmmm that should be the correct folder...

Here's my thought, duplicate the rom, name it something crazy like "" and search for "chiptunefuckingsucks.sav" and you should be able to find the directory that KiGB is saving in.

Thanks for the suggestion -- I just tried this, and it seems to create a new save file when I rename it to "", but when I search for "chiptunefuckingsucks.sav" in Finder, nothing shows up. I've revealed all hidden files, and still nothing. Yet it still somehow saves data? hmm

Hi friends, I'm having some issues loading .sav files in KiGB in OSX.

I've dug through the forums and the FAQ, and it seems like KiGB keeps .sav files within the Battery Ram folder. However, when I try to load the file, it won't load the corresponding lsdj.sav file. I've tried putting it in the Battery Ram folder, and I've tried keeping it in the same folder as the gb file.

HOWEVER, it still seems to create a .sav file somewhere...? For example:

I've written a few songs on a file called I can quit the program, reload, and I still have my songs. Then, if I change the file name to, it will boot up a clean file, and I can write a few new songs, open and close the program, and it keeps those new songs. THEN, I can change the filename back and forth between and, and they will both load their respective saved songs.

But where is it storing the .sav files?
It doesn't matter what .sav file is in the Battery Ram folder. Hell, it doesn't even matter if I delete every .sav file on my computer. It still loads those songs, depending on what name I choose for the .gb file.

It's not a huge deal I guess. I can still reliably write and save songs, I just have no idea where these .sav files are stored. I'd at least like to be able to back up my data, or transfer saves between emulators. I've scoured the internet to no avail.

Does KiGB store saves within the rom files?
Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Thanks heart