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Hey its been a year 8) !! So is anybody made something with this ?


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We, Toy Company, just released our latest compilation !

Here is the tracklist :
1.gwEm - Flash of the ROM 02:22
2.pyrotte - electro build 65 07:30
3.Fengir - Orb of Knowledge 03:32
4.Pocaille - D1M3N510N666 feat. X3CN (Playroom Extended Mix) 04:33
5.256k - Thin Skin 04:55
6.Das mörtal - Sweat & sour 03:37
7.Dr. Von Pnok - Warning 03:14
8.QiTaNo - AppleSauce 02:37
9.Dork Tape - Pixel Studio 04:26
10.Riften - Metadata Heaven 04:26
11.Deltanoyz - doorpaddle 444f4f52504144444c45 06:29
12.SIDaddict - Metralleta 03:34
13.Graviton Flux - Hyperluminal 04:21
14.Bananablob - La bête 03:15
15.Apoplexia - Fancy FooTwerk 05:02
16.Procyon Lotor - Ludicrous Speed 04:41
17.XyNosaur - XyNo à la jungle (Gameboy de plage remix) 03:37
18.XC3N - 1473W4V3 03:34
19.QiTaNo - AppleSauce (Deltanoyz remix) 06:35

You can check out my videoclip right here :

I wish you a a good listen right there to get a piece from our Montreal local chiptune scene

Hey ! hope your guys doing great ! i am making a video for my next song that is going to be part of the next Toy company release, would you like to be part of the videoclip ? Just send me a video of you eating Applesauce in creative ways. you can hide your face if you want using a funny bag or a box but this is up tou you. i can also hide your face using noise or anything else if you want. Of course i will tag your artist name and a random quote of yours if you like.

Those guys made a complete history map of the tracker era and its BIG !!! Have fun !


nitro2k01: title edit

So basicly i am making videos under the name of mekanoptic. You can check out my work right there : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLzJWe … uHl0htZr2g

So look at it... or not. And like it... or not!

But i have fun making them so trhat wat's important after all tongue

I think someone forgot to shout some update here tongue



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SketchMan3 wrote:

I've been using Soundclub NT for several years. Was too lazy to DOSBox the DOS version, haha

The thing is this version lack the old wav editor and synthetiser :S


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SoundClub is an amazing retro daw that support :

Amiga SoundTracker (.MOD),Amiga NoiseTracker (.NST or .MOD),Amiga Oktalyzer (.OKT),Composer 669 (.669),ScreamTracker (.STM),Ad Lib Visual Composer (.ROL),Sound Blaster software (.CMF),MIDI software (.MID). It has a wav editor with freehand, synthetiser and a lot more !

Here are some screenshots :

I am surprised that its not much used in the chipmusic scene and i wonder why ?! But for some interested folfs here is the link to the full version now available for free (Works very well in dosbox) :



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Bosca Ceoil, Anybody here tried this yet ?

I just ! Kind of weird to work with but there is some good feature that look cool !

Here is the link : http://distractionware.com/blog/2013/08/bosca-ceoil/

For some weird reason i restarted klystrack and worked just after :S !

Am i doing something wrong or latest version only work in monophonic ?


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So True !! thanks !


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Just want overall opinion about this song, i just think i overlistened it so my judgment is kind of messy.


gotoandplay wrote:

Interesting stuff! Hey Qitano, did you know that bytebeat is a format in its own right on botb now? It's featuring in Spring Tracks at the moment smile

Nice i didnt see that !! Then maybe i will got some time to make a tune tongue

zii.hrs wrote:

The image doesn't display? sad

thx ! Fixed smile

As i am not a graphic guy at all (im very bad usually) This is my very first pixel art.

Took me about 3 hours to complete ! But i want to know what you think of it ?

Link for full size