Vaina Moinen wrote:

I'm really digging this stuff, thanks!

Cheers for the encouragement! wink

@ Yerz:  Funny you should mention the idea of playing with more than one Amiga ... we're working on that at the moment.  We're currently working on our stage show with a sound engineer and he has requested that we "split" the Amiga output so that they have more sound control.

So, we're reworking our tracks and they'll be one as the main controller: OctaMed SoundStudio + Scala (images) and a secondary machine acting as a sampler!  We played on a pretty good sound system this weekend with our soundy and he's now asking if running 4 Amigas in parallel would be possible!!!!

Amiga band ... here we come!!

Glas you liked the videos ... more to come over the summer!

How's your Illegal Rave Album doing??

Speak soon,


yo this is pretty sweet

Cheers mate!

Here is the next in our series of "live at home" - Vivienne Westwood.  Recorded and filmed "live" at home!

This tune was written in homage to THE British Queen of Punk - long live the queen!



Sally Ann, A12 & Sylvain de St Pierre wink

PS ... here's another one ... "Steps" recorded and filmed at the VIP 2014 coding party in France in May ... VJ set by Viktor Furiani


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You are going to VIP !!! yikes
Say hi to Boub of Popsy Team for me if you saw him...wish I could come !!!

We were on the VIP stage yesterday as part of the opening ceremony ... went really well.  Vicktor Furiani did a wicked VJ set for us.  The popsy team / x-men et al are all on top form! 

Real shame you couldn't come!  But I suppose it's a bit far.

We've posted some photos on our Facebook page ( ... hopefully we'll have some video to post very soon.

Laters, wink



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Hi guyz & thx a lot, most appreciated.

PaulaPowered: No problem at all, I think. wink They're for OctaMED program, btw. smile

Kind regards,

Yo Yerz,

The third member of our group A12 (our little Amiga 1200) had absolutely no problem opening the .med files!  We have been playing it a lot and it's fantastic!!!!

Have been a bit quiet as we've been busy filming our next "live at home" video (should be ready to go next week!) and preparing our set for tomorrow's VIP 2014 Party (demoscene). 

Will keep you posted.




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Hey Rade,

Will email you our MP3s ... to check us out beforehand go to

Nice initiative ... you can count us in as regular listeners!!

Sally Ann & Sylvain

Email sent!


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Hey Rade,

Will email you our MP3s ... to check us out beforehand go to

Nice initiative ... you can count us in as regular listeners!!

Sally Ann & Sylvain


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Have replied to you on your thread ... was defo worth the wait!

My gut tells me that we're gonna do some good stuff together!



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Hey Yerz,

Have taken the time to listen to your tracks ... and well, what can I say ... wonderful, cool, time travelling ... !!

Have also downloaded the med files ... Sylvain wants to see how they're done ... may even inspire a PAULA POWERED song or two!  Would you be OK with that???


Sally Ann


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only this for now big_smile


Absolutely loving it!  Those sounds took me right back!  Come ooooooonnnn .... hands in the air!!!!!!!!

Keep the sounds coming.



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We're up for it! Only 1 hour from Clermont! Will message you our contact details ... In the meantime go to


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Haha, a funny thing You've mentioned it - the album's title will be actually "Rave is illegal" as a kinda tribute to those times when it actually was, in UK, and people still were attending those parties, haha. smile

Can't wait to hear it!  Any chance of a preview???


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@ Yerz,

Checked out your Mission Highly Impossible on
There's some really good ideas in there ... re. providing you with vocals one day ... Why not!  We record everything in our homestudio ... so ....

As to why I love lo-fi music, it's really quite simple:  During my "well"-spent (rather than mis-spent!!) youth, I went to a lot of underground raves in London, Leeds, Hull, Birmingham, Edinburgh ... and could be found pounding the dancefloors in lycra and white gloves to tracks by people like Spaceballs and others whose names I never knew .... back in the days when Carl Cox was still a puppy and DJs were just shadows behind their machines! 

Would love to hear your rave album done on your A500 ... which sounds like an impressive machine!


Catch ya soon,



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SketchMan3 wrote:

I have been waiting for someone like you all to come around.

Your wait is over ... we're here and we ain't gonna let you down!!


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arlen wrote:

... a little faster and chaotic ... i'm diggin that creamy off-white jaguar hehe.

The Jag has been with Sylvain for a very longtime ... they are incredibly close!

Re faster .... You've got to remember that I have to be able to sing it live!!  Hazy is already at 180BPM ... Any faster and you'd be scrapping me off the floor!! 

However, we're open to the idea of remixes ...