Clermont-Ferrand, France

Hi guys,

I set up a night every 2 years called The Crazy Geek Party (I wasn't the one who picked up this name...).
Music shows + SF2X Tournament + (very) cheap beer, last time 120 people showed up.

This year will be the #3, and will take place saturday 31st of May, and I'm still looking for 1 main act.
I can provide food, sleeping, booze, and 200€ for travel costs (max). Seal of Quality (Fr) will play for this night.

MP if you're touring and looking for a gig in France, and a good hangover.


Last time flyer :

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Antwerp, Belgium

This is too far to travel for me, otherwise I'd love to play!

Just a head's up: the link to the flyer isn't working for me and posting the date in the post itself is a good idea (I initially missed it).

Liverpool, UK

Message sent!


T'as fais un évènement facebook ? quelque chose ?


We're up for it! Only 1 hour from Clermont! Will message you our contact details ... In the meantime go to