Eggstempo - Fire!

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Fire! Some tracks would deserve remix with amen original sample.)


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Is there a release already? Jusf wonder for the result..)


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Like it!  I can hear lot of effort in it!


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Eggstempo presents his first official release NANOB1TS with five minimalist tracks full of raw synths, heavy bass and furious percussive beats. All tracks runs on 163 BPM skipping between half-time glitch-hop mode to ultimate footwork speed.

All tracks produced on a Nintendo Gameboy (DMG-01) running Nanoloop mono!!


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I've tryed to make my GBA promod. It's a bit tricky but technicaly possible. I have solder everything according to TRIAC's recipe but although the audio signal come out of my RCA sockets there is unfortunately loud noise as well. Does anybody have similar experience?


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Thanksss for sharing..


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catskull wrote:

IIRC, doing a prosound on the GBA isn't really worth it. Like it doesn't do anything. Joe Bleeps was playing around with it a while back and I think that's the conclusion he made.

I thought it should be working as a noise cancellation as you should skip componets as potentiometer etc. which generates hum noise or am I wrong? I would like to make this as well in hope of clear audio output.  There were several threads as this one … sound-mod/ but there wasn't clear and succesfull conclusion.

Hi all,

I was robbed two weeks ago in London. They stole my bag with laptop. But what I really miss is my cartridge Nanoloop 2.3 almost full of my music, which was also in the bag....

I want to ask you if you will sometime somewhere find / buy this cartridge please contact me I will be happy to repurchase it from you....

Thanks a lot!!



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Lazerbeat wrote:

Huh, which thinkpad is that?

Thinkpad E531


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Ghetto Kitchen Studio. Best sound you will get through micro wave oven!!)


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Love the overall deep/dark atmosphere! Intersting to hear chiptune sound without typical aperggios on the ohter hand Panda chan Dreams kill it (positive meanig)! Cool!!


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....track was sended...


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I hope i will finish it during the weekend...