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Thats right bitches. A Tracker exists for your old mid 90's macintosh.

This is the wildest tracker ever and it took me a while to find. I used to have an old Macintosh Performa 5200 from my childhood in 1995. A lot of schools used them well into the early 2000's as classroom computers. Well supposedly this would run on that machine as the classic mac os 9 could support this bad boy.
I cant lie.... this thing is kinda ridiculous.

- plays music tracker modules
- opens native MADK and older MADfg , MADH, MADI
- imports MOD, S3M, XM, IT, MED, OktaMED ,669, Midi , MTM , ULT, UMX, AMF, DMF
- exports AIFF , MPEG4/AAC , as well as MOD , S3M , XM modules
- midi I/o enabled on supported platforms for recording + playback
- OpCode OMS on Mac OS Classic, CoreMidi on Mac OS X
- multi-track midi recording
- supports native and VST effects for samples , channels and global
- VST effect plugins are computed at 32bits
- SoundFonts / DLS2 supported for samples
- handles 256 instruments and 256 simultaneous audio channels
- supports stereo (binaural) samples and multiple channels per track
- can render at 24 bit / 48KHz; with surround, reverb and up to 30x oversampling
- audio output can be routed via Steinberg ASIO device API support.
- APIs offer program extensibility through plugins (effects,formats etc)
- supports up to 64 samples per instrument ; with smart regions
- can perform actual musical chords in addition to fancy arpeggios
- Realtime pitch and speed adjustment during authoring and playback
- 16bit volume and panning envelopes
- lots of visual inspectors for amp and PSNR monitoring


Nice! I remember trying and giving up on this back in the day big_smile

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I played with it a little bit on my imac, its good but it's not really comfortable on a qwerty keyboard !
Edit : I love how you can open the page you want in it and place it where you want on the a lot of different ways to play with this tracker !!! !!!

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wedanced wrote:

oh my, THANK YOU for this gif.   
PLAYERPRO i will never not love you


dunno why I can't get anything like a tracker window when I run this app....

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Yeah every one kind of recently lost their shit about this program when the news got out that Aphex Twin used it a lot on Druqks (and was the most common feature requester for the programmer)

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Kian wrote:

dunno why I can't get anything like a tracker window when I run this app....

the newest revision from the main download just gives you a newer PPplayer. I got one of the versions to work but i cant load my sweet .mod files for some reason.(currently troubleshooting)

on the sourceforge page click the files section and dowload an older version until it actually loads up the tracker software ,

(yeah that vordhosbn vid is tight thats how i found this tracker but wouldnt mind the drums too !)

here is a full hitori hori PlayerPro track from 2001 -->

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got mine working , and loading .mods in OS 9 using sheepsaver(mac emu) on my macbook OS X high sierra! PM me if you need help.