Now playing, don't have much time to type.


Alright, got some time to type this out now. I basicly posted the thread during recording (is this thread even in the right sub-forum, I don't remember?)

I totally forgot about hyping this up, but as it is Belgian, nobody would've understoud the website. Nobody would've found his/her way in anyway.

But good news everyone: The show was recorded and posted on mixcloud! … endoom-20/

Listen to 2 unreleased tracks by VEGAS DIAMOND and SKIN WALKER (Thanks again!), laugh at our language,  listen to an hour and ten minutes of great artists that you are going to miss out on this saturday!

I shortly talk about Datatrash, Ultrachip/calmdownkidder, Eindbaas, nintendoom and each artist, we goof up on genres and background stories about artists. The show has a Blog where all the used and/or mentioned netlabels will appear on soon.

PS: My firefox spellchecker is offline, you can insult my spelling all you want anyday when I don't have an excuse. And you can still do it today because the internet is a free country.

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