Shame I threw out my TI-eighty-something ages ago sad I might join the list of people buying one solely for this, then!

Pater, stop playing with black magic! tongue

ps: gonna write you soon.

the manual  wrote:

Possible drum values are $01 (kick) and $01 (noise).

Is this a typo?

Also when multi song ability comes, while it be backwards compatible with the existing songs?

herr_prof wrote:
the manual  wrote:

Possible drum values are $01 (kick) and $01 (noise).

Is this a typo?

yupp, that should read $01 and $02. I'll try to add more drums later on.

Data format will stay more or less like it is. In the future, one or two values might be reserved for other things, e.g. the packer/depacker, however.

New engines will have to work with the current format - how they interpret the data is a different question though.

Also I found a critical bug. When you try to play with $ff byte set in row 000, the program will freeze. So for now, don't press [ENTER] or [-] right after opening Houston Tracker for the first time.

accidental double post, whoops

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oh yussss finally this thing will become useful again smile

Houston Tracker 0.2 is here with quite a few new features, including:

- Copy/Cut and a few other things to make editing easier
- 2 new sound routines - TIM-FX (2 PFM channels, various fx), and Mark-2 (3 square wave channels)
- Can now change the song speed from within the song data
- Rudimentary "Live" features: can now pause or loop the current row during playback
- Simple Load/Save: can now preserve one additional song in memory

Sound demo
Website (yeah, HT has it's own website now)

Now there are just a couple things left on my agenda: Multiload/Save with compression, and a channel mute feature, which in turn will allow copying selected channels. Also, there'll probably be a few bugs again. And a lot of optimizing remains to be done, right now some parts of the code are rather bloated. Currently the actual program is about 4.4 kbytes, plus 20k for the song data. That means there are about 2.5k left to work with. Probably the extended save function will eat up most of that. If there's any space left in the end, I might add some more drums and possibly one additional sound routine.

Anyway, enjoy! And please report any bugs you find.

I'm glad this didn't exist while I was taking college maths.

Let's see what my calculator was... oh here it is, it's a TI-83 Plus.  But I don't have a cable... just might have to buy one though.

Unfortunately, there's no 83+ support yet. I've started work on an 83 port though. Once that's done, porting to 83+ should be easy.

Btw to the 100+ people who downloaded version 0.1, you should really get the new version, it's way more useful.

O_O awesome!

This is so cool. Can't wait for the 83+ port.

You crazy guys will make music with everything you get your hands on, awesome stuff keep it up

Why in the world is a calculator capable of producing these awesome sounds?

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And TI83 port is done. Also, the latest version fixes a critical bug which prevented one of the sound routines from exiting. Please re-download from the usual address. (This package contains the TI83 build as well.)

TI83+ port will probably follow very soon.

IS there any benefit from using one model over the other?