Aly James wrote:

native mac could be possible over next year... smile

Is.... is... this still in the works? my genmdm is getting cold....


Sorry for the laaaaate reply smile pretty busy!
This might help...


I am the guy who got it to run on wine/linux.
I want to clarify some thing.

The STANDALONE version works - but you can not use it in a DAW.
The VST version however does not work at all. This is a shame, because on linux there is a number of great professional DAWs and a lot of people use the platform. We have Tracktion, Renoise, also some of the open source ones include LMMS and Ardour - just to name a few.

I am able to load some other windows VST in Tracktion by using Carla-rack. It is a host that uses wine.
Carla allows me to use VOPM - which is another (free) sega mega drive/genesis sound chip emulator. VOPM is very old and does not have the sexy interface of fmdrive, but at least works. There used to be a native vst port of vopm on linux, but the source code was lost and the native linux binary files of it don't work any more because they were compiled back in 2009 on much older libraries.

In short - currently there is no native vst on linux that does sega mega drive. Fmdrive has the opportunity to be the only one - if there is interest to port it over.

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