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I've been taking a break from chip for the past couple months to work on hip hop stuff under the name Flying Locust and thought it would be cool to see what other non-chip musical ventures you guys are doing. Post your soundclouds/facebooks/whatevers.

Flying Locust:


This is actually interesting!
I mess with different stuff all the time, so much that I am having problems to develop one style properly. Its all electronic music, but the styles range from instrumental hiphop (hey, something in common wih you!) to house/techno and drumnbass up to instrumental rock. Also, I play electric bass. I. FUCKING. LOVE. ELECTRIC BASS.
Actually, a lot of my pre-chiptune-pieces tend to be kind of ... chippy? I was already using simple waveforms, and several melodies instead of chords. Bass IS mostly a monophonic instrument ...

So yeah, this is my regular soundcloud; just scroll past the first four tracks, which are my chiptune attempts.

Gosford, Australia

yay i have a reason to post this here now!

i didn't properly attempt tracker music for the first ten years i was making music. even now most of the music i make isn't chippy, believe it or not! my soundcloud is just full of little whatever's that i make in FL in my spare time.

buffalo, NY


Tweaking my DJ setup.

More info here for other DJ fans.


Me and MFU made some music about the sea and different emotions about the sea. It isn't seapunk, I hope. It's more sort of library music and disco and some sadness and improvisation. It is also very lo-fi, we both like old Ariel Pink and John Maus stuff quite a lot.

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When I'm bored/sad/in the mood I like to write instrumental pop rock, with the aim of one day joining Paramore/a Paramore tribute band/a band that sounds like Paramore. … om-of-you/


I am half the humans in S L V. Its eerie head-nod kind of musics. You'll like it if you like synthesizers and hip hop beats.

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I had big plans for this. I wanted to continually 'update' the album, but in a way that changed the style completely. ie one week would be a dance mix of all the tracks, the next week seapunk inspired etc etc, with a backlog of all the previous 'versions' kept in the download. Alas, time constraints put in place due to uni and WeeklyTreats meant it never got realised sad

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Interesting topic. In fact I am a newcomer in the production of chipmusic, so most of my music could be considered a side project here.
I´m posting link to several albums I did that you can download for free.

This one is mainly electronic: … eroidStorm

These are experimental: … oundsAlbum

THis is mostly Blues-rock;

And the preview of an orchestral piece I am Composing: … part-i-the

liquidcalm wrote:

When I'm bored/sad/in the mood I like to write instrumental pop rock, with the aim of one day joining Paramore/a Paramore tribute band/a band that sounds like Paramore. … om-of-you/

Quite awesome. I'm always looking for instrumental rock that riles you up instead of lulling you to sleep. Me? Oh no, I make chip music exclusively.

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I thought I answered a thread like this already.

› I made (click for videos:)

› my friend made (also click:)

Chicago IL

WinterCamp [1I2]
Satsui No Hadou [1]

Douglas, Wyoming

Douglas, Wyoming … iley-cover Also do some ska when I find the time, I do a lot of WIP because I'm usually to lazy to finish anything.

Nottingham, UK

I make downtempo, wonky, ambient shit with a lo-fi aesthetic when I'm not making chip or rock music. I'm also a regularly recurring member of John Richards Dirty Electronics Ensemble and I've played with Chris Carter (Formerly of Throbbing Gristle), DJ Sniff from STIEM, and Anna Meredith.

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