[CB001] Holy Konni - Fetushouse

Our first official release is from none other than my personal Artist of the Year for 2012 - Holy Konni. Extremely pleased to have him on the label and what a perfect release to start with. The bar has been set high!

1. Kate Moss Magic
2. Self Portrait 19
3. Vlieg Berg/Stop Nie
5. Natalie Reborn

CD: $7
Super high quality CD with awesome artwork from Love through Cannibalism, and a bizarre story by Konni about the cover art. All CD purchases include the digital download.

Digital download only: $3

EXTRAS: original piggy data files to see the methods behind Konni's brilliance!


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Loving this!

I did a review of this.
TL;DR, it's very good.

Aw sweet! Is it just a coincidence that they both came out today or were you waiting for us to release before putting that up? Thanks for the kind words big_smile

The latter haha, I haven't got THAT quick a turnaround!


great way to start today

edit - having listened to this all the way, or nearly there...  just want to iterate how amazing an album this is.  very well done.

You've made my Sunday coffee session that much better, thanks Holy Konni.

oh awesome! i love holy konni.

If the teasers on Soundcloud are anything to go by, then this should be a killer release!

Chainsaw Police wrote:

If the teasers on Soundcloud are anything to go by, then this should be a killer release!

CheapBeats is all killer no filler mate.

Stay tuned for more awesomeness soon wink

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded! Hope you like it! and thanks for the kind words

great stuff fam x

Very nice!

Holy Jesus, I'm downloading this when I get home this has such a nice dancy disco funk

yeah mad dope

thanks guys! tell yo friends smile

updated the homepage http://holykonni.com/ too.. ~~