Orange County,CA /Las Vegas NV

Hey I want to mod a guitar hero controller to have sort of a keytar for LSDj and my gameboy tongue So someone help ,me out with how to start modding,

Austin, TX

Buy a Rock Band 3 Keyboard controller; it's keytar shaped and has built-in MIDI functionality.

It would be possible to mod a Guitar Hero controller for these purposes but it would be ridiculously, ridiculously inconvenient in comparison.

rochester, ny

What would you want the buttons to do exactly?

If you use the rock band guitar, then there would be no need to modify anything. The guitar would already send MIDI out, the arduinoboy would translate that for the Gameboy, and the Gameboy would react the same way it would if any midi keyboard was plugged into it.

The trick would be getting the buttons to do specific things you wanted. The midi note messages that the controller would send out are probably not changeable. So you'd either need a computer in between the Guitar and the Arduinoboy or you'd need to learn how to modify the arduinoboy's code to do the translation for you.

Or you could post a thread in the Trading Post sub forum offering a specific amount of money to someone who could modify the arduinoboy code for you.

Paso del Rey, Argentina

I donĀ“t know what you have in mind, but maybe you can try the You Rock Guitar