Just put a single up. Figured I would release something while working on the new album. It's a garage, protopunk, chiptune hybrid. And it's free. Enjoy.

http://nationalbroadcastnetwork.bandcam … eel-chrome

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oh shiiit! :OOO.... Grand Theft 77 has to much power!!!!
really thx for the music! honstly!

i have a lyric for a new song!
oh fuck oh fuck!!!!, to much power-up! (8)

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Really enjoyed Detroit Steel & Chrome. Great riff, great vocals. Would've preferred if that clean square melody had been dirtied up though.

I checked out Atomic too. Great stuff. Really like what you're doing with vocals. I'm curious, what are you using for them?

This is beautiful on so many different levels. It reminds me of old grind-house action films meets pendulum and hair metal

Hi guys. Thanks for praise/constructive criticism.

n00bstar: For this track I layered Kontakt Tone machine vocal effects with FL Studio Vocodex. I use different synths for carrier waves in different songs, but most of the time, I use the atari2600 pitfall saw wave in Plogue Chipsounds as the carrier. Gives it that very strong robotic sound.

Like most punk things I can't keep any of your songs apart.
But I love your work, really awesome.

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Jotie: Haha. Yeah, it's understandable that non-punk enthusiasts don't hear the difference. Glad you like it, regardless. FYI the full length album I'm working on will have a wide variety of styles.

Excellent vibe, I dig it!