So uh,
Another question (it must be a holiday here).

I'm out of instruments. I hit the 3F mark.
But I still have Synth screens 4 to F ready for some drum-solo kind of thing (More like nooby-noob Aphex Twin drum randomness, but whatever).

Is there any way to use the F-commands for this? Going over C skips to the next screen, but, like, can I skip 2 synth screens?


It's doable yes, and actually quite easy. First I'd preferably use a synth in manual mode, just makes things easier. Then all you do is run an F command for the number of Synths you want to skip. To skip to the next one its F-10, skip 2 is F-20, and so on.

Then if you want to increment through that instrument use a series of F-01 commands, so if you wanted an instrument to play through smoothly on the synth 3 ahead it would be:

0 - F-30
1 - F-01
2 - H-01

Run groove commands in the right hand column to change playback speed. Ex: running a 6-6 groove would be equivalent to a synth of speed 6, 3-3 groove equivalent to speed 3, etc.

Hopefully that helps, not too tough to use. If you want to do pingpong effects it's harder, but is doable with a little logic and thought.

Are you sure you can't just alter some of your pulse instruments to free up more instruments though? I think that would be easiest.

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I like this workaround

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Have you tried cleaning unused instruments?


also: do you use deep clone? If so, stop.

herr_prof wrote:

also: do you use deep clone? If so, stop.

does deep clone also clone instruments? i thought it only cloned chains and phrases...


No deep cloning a pattern doesn't deep clone instruments.

You can however clone instruments if you want, just hold select then press B, A over an INS number in the phrase screen.

nickmaynard wrote:

Have you tried cleaning unused instruments?

I suppose i should have asked this first, but really the complicated methods are by far the most fun smile

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you could use two gameboys, play them in sync, then switch to the other one when the first one runs out of synths. like a song transition, but it's the same song. (just an idea)

Zef wrote:

No deep cloning a pattern doesn't deep clone instruments.

Aha sorry! I haven't used deep for years! It showed!


I went through all the normal stuff before asking, yeah tongue.
I liberated a few instruments, cleaned stuff up. Actually, I noticed it first that I hit 3F when I couldn't make a new instrument, cleaned up, and still couldn't make one. I forgot what the maximum amount of instruments was because I didn't ever expect to hit. There might still be instruments I might be able to liberate, but finding them and fixing them will be terribly uneasy, and will grant me 3 at most. I want +-10 hmm.

I actively use deep clone AND slim clone. I frequently switch between them for different reasons. Most mistakes I have ATM is forgetting to switch to deep clone. Which isn't as bad on a small, nearly empty .sav file: save in an empty spot, load a previous version, check what you screwed up, change it. Only fit the song on a full cart when the song is finished.

I don't quite understand why having a G3/3 in the table would be better for F-commands. Is a table with F-commands slower than normal WAV-synth modulation (or what is the correct term)?

No ping-pong, it's all P-DC or P-E3 bassdrums.

I didn't know F10 raised a full synth screen by default, awesome, thanks!

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Jotie wrote:

I don't quite understand why having a G3/3 in the table would be better for F-commands. Is a table with F-commands slower than normal WAV-synth modulation (or what is the correct term)?

it's not that it's better, it's that if you have no instrument space left you need to do the modulation manually.

let's say you wanted to have your instrument modulate at speed 3
you can leave the table at 1/1 and put spaces between the F commands, using a 3/3 groove would just let you make longer modulations.

if you wanted speed 1 modulation (holy fuck!) you would leave the table groove as 1/1 and just fill it with F commands

i actually can't wrap my head around how you filled up 3F instruments, i'm looking forward to hearing this when it's done!

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Warning: pulse bass is F3 loud, don't put your headphones too loud. It's hardcore.

I'm going through all my instruments, the convuluted way. I just can't believe I hit 3F. I must have doubled a few things up.
There's 3 bass drums and 3 bass lines. There are 8 to 10 voice instruments, which van probbably be turned to 6-7. Instead of having one with E85 and one with E82, just make one, and have E-commands in the phrase screen. I have lots of variations on the snare-ish/clap-ish instrument. I don' you can actually hear any major differences. I also don't think the song sounds like it has lots of instruments.

Is it possible to alter the speed of a sample (from 1 to 0,5) with a command? That would insta-free one.


If you only want it for bass drums then just make sure the instrument you're using is Manual then run this instead (replace $ with number of synths to skip):


As far as cutting sample speed with a command, I couldn't find a normal way to do it, but I did discover a rather cool work-around; try this:

--- I-- P00

Or you can run the P commands in a table if you like
That'll pitch bend the sample down real quick then hold it there, by fiddling with the PF0 you should be able to get it to sound about the right pitch (with even more precision than 0.5x) unfortunately the sample will still only last as long as a 1x playback, but you can work around that by using R commands or turning loop on for the instrument.

These are all work arounds of course, but that seems the only option at this point.

Also thanks for getting me to mess with things a bit, just discovered some cool effects using V on samples.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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Samples + commands = instawin.

The intro has a 727 cym with PFF. Really simple sample + command combo, but sounds soooo nice.

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That sounded great!