I'm interested in changing the colour of my DMG Gameboy, I don't want to do it on my Yellow and Black but on my original can someone post there outcomes rit dying there gameboy? And where is the best place to purchase a Flash/LSDJ cart in england?

Please do not search the boards for rit dye

As saskrotch so elegantly said, you should search for it. Same with anything really, always search the forum and have a look around before you ask a question as it's probably been answered before. And kitsch, I live in the UK and I buy from him, although it can take a while to arrive (2 weeks in my case) but I'd avoid buying from DJTransformer as he isn't as reliable as he used to be.

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don't gityer water too hot, you'll warp whatever you're dying. investigate acetone+rit.

I'd advise against rit dying. It's a messy and risky process for lackluster results.

google how to dye yo-yos with this method.  there seem to be a bunch of tutorials for doing that online, and its the same process

also take note acetone is a toxic chemical and could be detrimental to your health.  work in a well ventilated area with respiratory protection, and be weary that when you add acetone to already near-boiling water, the acetone lowers the boiling temp and the water will start to boil, you might get splash-back.

so, add acetone to water, not water to the acetone.  i've read supposedly that the material you pour into is the one which tends to splash back.

i love rit dying, you've just got to get the hang of it first.  once you do you can get some remarkable results with no noticeable weakening in the plastic.

the main drawback to it (for me) is that it only permeates the top layer of plastic, so you could potentially scratch below the colored layer exposing the original color.  then again, paint does the same thing when scratched.

also, trying to get the case to dye a particular color will be really tricky.  its sometimes hit and miss with rit dye, not sure if its because the substrate isn't organic (like a t-shirt, which is what rit dye is typically for), or its something to do with the acetone.  either way, some colors are really hard if not impossible (for me, at least)

one thing i found which helps was to go to rits website and use their color guide/recipe thing (you choose a color, it will tell you how to mix their colors to get it).  sometimes the mixes look WAY off, but amazingly they dye the way they were supposed to color.  but not always.