Originally this was going to be an April Fools joke, but I had too much shit going on. I released it anyway because why the fuck not/educate the children. Also, there's a youtube video, and it's free:

or bandcamp.

i love it.

omfg the beeper ahahahaha

This goes on way too long

also, I'm kinda pleased there's not a gameboy version

Haha, the SMS one made me laugh, mainly due to the underwhelming amount of bass.. all that build up for.. well.. almost nothing. Really underlines the lack of range it has especially compared to the AY one before hand, and the pokey afterwards.

And yes, the beeper one.. oh god

Great video, very educational indeed big_smile

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I didn't do a gameboy version because I figured I had the nintendo "soundscape" covered with regular NES and VRC6 and I was trying to get mostly varied chips. Gameboy would've just been awkwardly wedged somewhere in-between.

..also, you've managed to make the TIA sound surprisingly melodic yikes

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thank you for saving us all the trouble of having to do any of these on our own for posterity!

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This was really great!

Fun stuff!  Entertaining.  Nice one with the SCC!  Wasn't expecting that.

Now if only all gimmick chip cover compilations where april f00l5 jokes.

edit: fighting the word replacers

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this was actually really cool for a joke

Thanks for all the positive feedback! Might slip in a few extra systems as bonus tracks (for posterity?) after I get some of my paying work done.

April cats may bring eaten flowers, herr_prof....


i love you so much right now