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Madbit's FM Tracker is a tracker that runs in DOS for AdLib compatible soundcards.
My friend Madbit created this in 1994 with help from Keywiz, he was 17 at the time and never finished or released it.

He  decided to release it open source after some talks with me and realizing there's actually interest in this sort of project! So you can take on his work and take it to wherever you want it to go. He has cleaned up the code and fixed a few bugs prior to releasing the source code.

The repository is here:

Feature list:

- FastTracker inspired interface and keyboard shortcuts.
- OPL-2 Instrument editor with live preview.
- Imports instruments from HSC Tracker and S!P AdLib Tracker.
- Up to 256 patterns per song.
- 64 rows and 9 channels per pattern.
- Editable scrolltext message per song.
- Supported tracker commands: Pitch slide up, Pitch slide down, Shift to note, Set carrier volume, Set modulator volume, Set feedback, Slide volume, Jump to position, Set volume, Break pattern, Key off, Vibrato on/off, Amplitude modulation on/off, Fine volume slide up, Fine volume slide down, Set tempo.

Here's a video of me testing the previous version on my Toshiba libretto 50CT:

At least I can use this one, AdLib Tracker 2 doesn't really run on my Libretto (keyboard problems)


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Christ, those bass tones are WET. Absolutely lovely stuff. *hopes patiently for Mac port*

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Hi, I'm the creator of this FM Tracker thingy. smile

As my friend Akira was saying, I decided to release the source code because I won't be developing it any further, but I strongly encourage anyone interested to do it instead. Therefore, feel free to ask for anything you need to know about the current state of the code and I'll do my best to help, even though I don't code in Pascal anymore.

Also, here's a video of v0.11 running on DOSBox v0.74, which fixes a few bugs and also shows songs playing at their normal speed:

PS: There's no Mac port coming unless somebody else decides to do it, but in the meantime you could try running it in an MS-DOS emulator.

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This is awesome news! smile

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whoa, this is cool!


Sorry i Can't resist. (Please remove the post, if you think i go off topic)
I know how it is with old tracker.
the last version of my opl3 editor, did not survived numbers hard disk failure,
it is also a little annoying to use DOS-Box (Does not sound 100% as good as the real thing)
so i had to come up with this smile
It is still very early beta. the instrument editor is finish soon.