Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Ok.. i FINALLY got to finishing up this tutorial. I am still working on the video portion of it.
The video has been shot, I just need to dub the new voice over to it.

You can read the detailed tutorial here:
It has larger images and more detailed explanations. smile  ENJOY!!!!

Here is the picture book version.

Tools needed

You can see that i cut the Red and Blue wires off.. If you re-pinned correctly you can cut these 2 wires. as they are not needed.

United Kingdom

Nice tut smile

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

FYI.... i just finished the basic tutorial for the Piggy=>Midi Kit. It will be available as a PDF to download through Kitsch-Bent. Check
his website for the link!

Should help you guys rock the DIY versin of the Piggy=>Midi.
And of course for those of you who dont want to DIY.. you can buy it fully assembled for a low cost of $65.

Hoxton, London UK

Nice and neat!