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Saskrotch wrote:

G00 on tables changes it to steps. Default is ticks. G01 seems to be like half a step? It's not quite ticks or steps.

Also the 3/3 thing is only bad if you write music that isn't super repetitive. Taking up twice as many phrases will help you run out of space much quicker (the song I brought up to check i had the groove commands right was already in the BXs, if i had uses 3/3 i wouldn't of been able to finish that song)

Oh I didn't even see this reply. Yeah my last comment was towards nordloef. and I never knew that. I guess I just never attemted it tongue. So I take back what I said about groove not affecting tables. I never really came across a desire to attempt G's within tables. Also, I see what you mean about chain/phrase conservation. I guess I've got a lot of homework to do now.

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TylerBarnes wrote:

One thing about the all in one table method is wouldn't the kick sound be transposed as well every time you change bass notes?

Good point, but I don't mind the sound of the transposing that much. So far I've had to use 1 redundant table because at really low notes my kick was too thuddy. So I had one table for hi bass notes and one for low bass notes.

Edit: I've used G cmd in tables to speed it up to create a "noise" instrument in the pulse channels using E cmds and V cmds and TSP to mimick the "randomness" of noise wave forms. It also helps in slowing things down, making the table match the speed of the pattern, and things like that.

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I very much enjoyed the tutorial / reading this thread.
Good stuff you guys

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Zef wrote:

I do this sometimes too, if you'd like your bass sound to be different than your kick you can just use an F01 command and copy the WAV instrument 's WAV of your choice into the second frame of your kick-drum's wave table. Only works for static wav basses, (unless you want to go super technical) but should work in  most cases.

this too! except i end up being all F20 or FE0 or something silly instead of just copying the wav frames over :v
sorta OT, but the first frame of my kick synth is always a bunch of random noise, i F01 on the first line of the table and it gives a nice little click to the kickdrum haha

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I usually make the wav with the 3/3 groove, really useful, i still dont enjoy to have the snare in the wav, but sounds really good in your example, thanks for the tutorial and for all the useful comments big_smile
This kind of threads are love.


That was a great video. I'll probably end up watching it a few times.